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Ray Anthony Height
08-29-2012, 01:58 PM
My name is Ray-Anthony Height and I am a freelance comic book penciler, creator, character designer and Co-Founder of Write Height Media, LLC. Iím a guy who loves comics and every aspect of the comic book industry. Over the past 7 years Iíve had the privilege to have done work for Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Alias Comics, Viz Media, Mirage Studios, Hasbro and various other companies.

MIDNIGHT TIGER is set up to be a full-color 22-page ongoing series with the first story arc spanning 9 issues long. It will be the first series published by Write Height Media, LLC, a company co-founded by my wife Shayla Height and myself. All money raised will go toward production costs like printing, paying for a colorist and letterer, promotion, and the cool backer rewards and their shipping costs. Any amount over our goal will be use to help produce the second issue of the series and so on. We want the MIDNIGHT TIGER series to get off to a great start and we really need your help to make that happen! Come check out our 5-page preview on Kickstarter!