View Full Version : Kickstarter Canada to Allow Projects on Monday Sept 9th

09-06-2013, 12:26 PM
Great news for those Canadians looking to start a Kickstarter project. Starting Monday September 9th you will be able to submit your projects to Kickstarter. This should expand the ever growing list of amazing products funded by the world's largest crowdfunding platform:


09-06-2013, 04:46 PM
Do you know if the Canadians allow equity investing in Crowdfunding at this stage?

09-10-2013, 11:14 AM
It appears there has been a bottleneck of sort for awesome Canadian projects, as there are already dozens of projects listed, many of which are very close to their goals. Nice to see opportunity spread to our neighbors to the north :)

09-10-2013, 12:39 PM
But, do they allow equity funding there?