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08-30-2012, 06:08 PM
Hello! And welcome to Awedacious Games’ beggar’s cup. No, we’re not yet millionaires, but you have to start somewhere, and that’s where you, our soon to be ravenous fans, come in.

Awedacious Games was recently founded by a small group of brilliant people who have put in long hours of painstaking research to create a proven formula that guarantees the development of award winning and amazingly fun games. Ho, ho! I hear you exclaim. At which Ivy league school did this scientific breakthrough take place? Harvard? Yale? Astana Community College?

None of the above. It actually occurred at our homes whilst sitting on our fat keesters playing every game released in the past decade. As you have seen, game companies seem to be missing the point at every turn, and we want to reintroduce the idea that challenging games can be fun! To begin, we are in the process of developing two games that will serve as exciting proof of concepts for our longer term, larger budget title.

Your contribution will assist us with the purchase of a few key ingredients, including software purchases, copyrighting, web hosting and art assets. And in the event that you, the readers, want to make baby jesus’ velociraptor cry and we do not reach our monetary goal; will your hard earned money go towards hookers and blow so that Awedacious Games may begin the healing process? NAY! Every donated dollar will be spent on realizing our first two games. This is happening with or without external revenue sources (after all, we need something to do while we’re at work). BUT that does not mean we don’t need assistance. Your contributions allow for two very important things to take place: one, more revenue means faster development and two, the less of our money we spend, the less our wives will complain. I mean, the latter point alone is worth the amount were asking for.

Some quick background on the team: As mentioned previously, we are avid gamers, but we’re also professionals. The skills that will help make this venture a success include a decade of Project Management experience, six years of database management, GCIA certification and Unix/Windows/Object Based development and programming.

Indiegogo Campaign - http://igg.me/p/204934?a=892282