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09-16-2013, 08:18 PM


DayViewer aims to be a universal, user friendly, and useful daily online planner and diary which would enable the user to manage their time, contacts, tasks and to create events, log their day in a journal and communicate in a private or collaborative environment.

DayViewer uses the familiarity of social network connecting combined with a calendar and other features to make it easy to organize events and activities within groups of your contacts. It aims to be more private and personal than social networks, free to use and less distracting making it an ideal tool for personal, family or business use.

We hope to create a product that people use daily to improve their timekeeping, planning and efficiency. We hope that DayViewer will help them remember more and achieve their goals and other targets. Also we hope that it enables them to organise more events and work together better with their contacts this would lead them to better themselves personally and in their careers.

We are aiming to hook businesses and other organizations to DayViewer, in the hope that they would be able to operate more efficiently with less need to rely on a number of different external systems, and without fear of their privacy being undermined. DayViewer would be a private, easy to use, affordable, trustworthy and an efficient way to communicate, collaborate and improve productivity. We think it is particularly suited for the small office environment.

We are live at http://www.dayviewer.com, currently acquiring new users at the rate of around 30-50 per day with zero ongoing marketing spend and overall over 20,000 users have signed up .

We have not promoted, and most of our traffic arrives from Google search engine (through keywords such as online organizer, online planner, and direct via our brand name "dayviewer").

DayViewer currently ranks no. 1 for the term online organizer in google search engine.

From our user poll: 48% users say DayViewer is "Exactly what they need" 22% say "DayViewer is useful and will use as and when required." That is around 70% positive ratings (out of about 4,500 users) from a poll which pops up the first time the user logs-out.

After establishing a greater number of regular daily users, we see an opportunity to serve highly targeted adverts (PPC). We think this could be one of the most attractive advertising models online as a potential advertiser could target their market based on what they are about to do.

e.g. if a user writes a task about "gardening", DayViewer ads system could serve a highly relevant advert to the user about gardening products or services from a business near his area a few days before the task is about to start.

This scenario is relevant for all services and products eg. Task = Tax return, the advert served could be from Accountants or tax software. Additional revenue is intended to be in the form of a subscription upgrade, this is a number of extra features which would make the system more useful for the user but they would pay a subscription fee for this.

An Enterprise version for larger businesses could be created specifically tailored with enterprise features for companies and added security and privacy features. This could be a separate white label platform. Other revenue possibilities include reminder email advertising, mobile ads.

At this stage we see the majority of spend going in Development and Design costs. And the costs in setting up & running, marketing & pushing sales directly to businesses.

Approximate breakdown (after fee deduction) note these are estimates, only 1 director on minimum salary for year 1. 1 sales account/customer service staff will begin after the updated version of DayViewer is deployed (anticipated to be from month 6):

Development - £50000 (inc Mobile Apps, improved contact connect features, in house display & PPC advert system, enterprise(pro) version with encryption and other features, new upgrade & pay features, backend improvements, further security, integrations with select 3rd party systems (via APIís & partnerships), sync features, general improvements)

Design - £8000 (cleaner, polished, increased usability, consistent & responsive design,)

Operations, Admin & Prof Fees, - £20000 (Office space, equipment, running costs, anticipated extra server costs for increased usage)

Marketing & promo - £15000

Sales, Customer service Staff (from month 6) - £5000

Director - £8000

Development, design and operations are priority, the aim is to begin to generate revenue by month 6 and by month 12 for this revenue to cover the operation cost and staff salary.