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09-30-2013, 05:11 PM


Founders of CineFunTV identified a big gap in the market for non-English content such as Live TV, Movies, Catch-up TV & many more. With the notion to bridge the gap CineFunTV was incorporated. The main idea is to provide exciting Over-The-Top (OTT) service with a great mix of South Asian live TV channels, movies, Video On Demand (VOD) & parallel overseas movie release directly to the homes of South Asian diaspora with best quality service & at an affordable price.

CineFunTV users can watch their favourite programs anytime, anywhere across a range of popular connected devices such as Roku Set Top Box (STB), Smart TVs, Google TV, iPads, Android tablets, PCs and many more.

CineFunTV has huge growth potential not only in the UK/Europe but also globally with content from other countries (e.g. China) as well. With the advent of several connected devices there is an exponential growth in online viewing on various connected devices.

Currently there is either NO service or very limited availability of content at a high price to the SOuth Asian diaspora.

For example:
1) There are only few Hindi Live TV channels available to view in the UK whereas there are more than 36 Indian languages (e.g. Telugu, Tamil etc) whose content is not available at all.

2) There are only a few Indian movies that get released in cinema halls in the UK and Europe. This is the case with content from several other countries as well.

Impact that CineFunTV would bring:
1) Enable content available that is usually not available to diaspora outside their native country.

2) Enable parallel overseas release of Indian movies.

3) Customers could watch their favourite programs on various various devices whenever and wherever they want.

4) Customers get their favourite programs at an affordable price.

5) Reduced cost to the content providers to distribute their programs globally.

1) Our platform is preparing to launch.

2) We plan to launch applications for Roku STB, iPad, Android Tablet, Samsung Smart TV, Google TV & Website.

3) We have signed content contract with Whistling Woods International for all their past (c.120 movies) and their future movies.

4) We are reviewing content contract from MAA TV for their 4 Telugu channels.

5) Our content contract is under review with Zee TV (20 channels), Network 18 (19 channels), Aarti TV (12 channels). Zee TV is one of India's biggest TV channel broadcaster followed by Network18.

6) We are under final round of negotiations with Reliance Entertainment to provide a library of 1000+ movies.

7) We are under content negotiations with Shemaroo Entertainment for a library of 1000+ movies & Live TV.

8) We have signed a contract for the overseas release of a movie. 8) We are currently in negotiations for another overseas release of a movie. We intend to approach several other broadcasters and further negotiations will be undertaken.

CineFunTV has the following business models:

1) Monthly subscription based, which ranges from 4.99 to 19.99 per month depending upon subscription package.

2) Pay-Per-Content based, which ranges from 0.99 to 4.99 depending upon content.

3) Advertising that includes pre-roll video adverts and banners adverts.

4) Potential to charge a minimum handling fee for parallel overseas of movies in future. E.g. Minimum of 1000 per movie.

Proceeds will be used for:
1) Marketing and promotion.
2) Content acquisition.