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09-04-2012, 11:17 AM

What is The Other Brothers?

The Other Brothers is an episodic platformer that will have you running, jumping, collecting and racing against the clock in a modern take on that time-tested genre!

With today's technology we are able to bring back that classic 16-bit aesthetic and combine it with modern mechanics, physics and gameplay to bring you a platforming experience like no other! Pixel art is a beautiful artform that was swept away by the advances in 3D graphics, we're going to bring it back for the new generation and make it better than ever!

We invite you to join Joe and Jim, on their wild and crazy adventure, as they traverse junkyards, cities, sewers and more to track down our damsel in distress, Tavy!

Come and help!


The Other Brothers

09-04-2012, 02:35 PM
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09-05-2012, 08:31 AM
TouchArcade has a nifty little App (free) that gives users the ability to add multiple games to their watch list. After doing a little fact checking, the wonderful folks at TouchArcade found the Top Ten Most Anticipated iOS games amongst their users. This list was formulated based on the amount of people who tapped the watch list slider on the TouchArcade App.


Lo and behold, The Other Brothers has made that list along with other great games like Real Racing 3, Infinity Blade: Dungeons and Baldurís Gate.

Thank you to all of our supporters that swiped that slider!

Also, weíve got an awesome update coming in the very near future. This update will give you more, in-depth, information on game play and mechanics than you can imagine. Be looking for the update soon.

Donít forget to use the share tools on the main page of our project on Indiegogo. We canít do this without you. Just like the TouchArcade users swiped that slider, we need you to share the news of our Indiegogo project. Together, we can reach our goal and make magic happen.

Our Indiegogo page can be found here:


Thank you all once again!