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10-11-2013, 11:16 AM
The Luxury Mobile Office Company
Seeking: £150,000




It is amazing how much time we spend on our gadgets these days. Whilst we travel on a train, we all want to stay connected with work and friends. As Founder of this company, I have felt for a while that there should be a better balance of gadgets AND people. There should be a place where we can use the phone without being overheard, a place where we can have a meeting with others, a place where we can do what WE want. And all of this while we travel to our destination. So the idea was born - to produce a vehicle that has all the latest gadgets whilst also providing the chance for people to chat, work and meet each other in complete privacy. Gadgets AND people rather than gadgets OR people.

The Luxury Mobile Office Company plans to rent out 5 luxury mobile offices in the London area based upon Mercedes Viano vehicles. It will charge £250 plus VAT per hour. Converted to executive jet standard by the UK leaders in this field, the luxury mobile offices will be built to the company’s exact requirements and will be provided to those who require total privacy and confidentiality as they travel.

It works as follows: the Mercedes Viano is stripped of all contents back to the bare metal. Next, each internal panel is painted by hand with bitumen and covered with aluminium foil. Together they repel sound waves from the outside and any sound that does penetrate this will be absorbed by layers of insulation. The result of this effort is a “whisper quiet” internal space for discreet discussions and important meetings.

To complete the privacy package, the vehicle is fitted with “one shot” electronic white-out windows. In between the two panes of already tinted double-glazed glass, there are electrons which turn sideways when an electric current passes through them. This has the effect of creating a complete white-out, making the clients impossible to see from the outside. It is hoped that this feature will be appreciated by clients who wish to remain anonymous or do not wish to have their picture taken through the glass.

There is more room in the cabin than might be imagined for 4 people and the experience of sitting in one is reminiscent of sitting in a Bentley or a Rolls Royce. The Connolly hides used give a smell associated only with vehicles that have been often described as “the best car in the world”. Our clients will expect privacy and quiet to carry out their business.

An operational agreement is in place with www.smallcarbigcity.com to provide the day to day marketing and administration.


Problem - time spent travelling is often unproductive. Whilst First Class on the train allows people to check emails on their smartphone, it's not ideal for talking on the phone, meetings or heavy internet use. Solution - the directors believe there is a gap to be filled by a company which provides a fully functional luxury mobile office in London with all the gadgets included as standard. Be more productive AND travel. Gadgets AND people rather than gadgets OR people.


The directors believe that they can build a business to revenues of £1.76m by 2016 on the basis of 3 vehicles only. However, they believe there exists room for 5 vehicles in London and opportunities in Leeds, Manchester and Edinburgh. The directors believe that there will be demand from the following people:

The company has a booking for a week in July 2014 for a music festival
Advertising agents – the directors have interest from a well-connected individual in this field
Barristers/solicitors – for client meetings to/from court
Corporate PA’s and Secretaries for their boss
Top Hotel Concierges who will be incentivised to recommend us by placing a story in their trade paper: http://www.mvplondon.net/wp/concierge/ and the Society of Golden Keys at http://www.goldenkeysconcierge.co.uk/content2/ventilation-38.htm
Lifestyle companies – such as Quintessentially, Privatus etc
Airlines and Battersea Heliport – for VIP clients. The company is advised by Richard Bate (see below) who introduced Chauffeur Drive to Virgin Atlantic and Emirates. His involvement will help the company hugely in providing our service to the top clients of leading airlines
Corporate Jet operators – Gulfstream, Elite and Net Jets
Solicitors – for client meetings
Trade show transportation (to and from Earls Court, Olympia, Business Design Centre, Excel etc)
Hotel Guests – for exclusive London tours
Romantic Dinners/Business Lunches – top restaurants will bring food to clients in our Viano as they travel to/from the theatre or work
Marketing Agents – on the way to a presentation
Tour Operators – exclusive London trips
Celebrities who do not want that intrusive picture taken through the glass
Recruitment agents – private one-on-one interviews
Head Hunters – private conversations
City Roadshows for PLC presentations/flotations
Estate Agents – meet clients at Heathrow and take them to London properties with the plans on the plasma screen. Conference call on Skype and place the offer before being driven back to the airport.

The company will charge £250 plus VAT per hour. For this the client will be provided with the vehicle, a driver and a purser. The latter will attend to the clients requirements such as food, drink and basic PA duties. There will be a minimum rental of 2 hours. Extras include driving out of the M25, excess mileage and waiting time at airports. The hourly marginal cost is £51 per hour, giving the company a gross margin of 80%. All payment is taken up front when booking. Delivery of the first vehicle will take place in February 2014 at the latest when the Founder can travel across London inviting potential clients to sit inside. This is a product where seeing is believing. Advance bookings can be taken now


Trial is key. When the vehicle arrives in February 2014, we shall have a launch for London's press and potential clients. Subsequent to that we shall drive the vehicle to clients and invite them to step outside for a quick "sit -in". Word of mouth will be key here and a "customer gets customer" scheme will be run. The company will look to become part of luxury groups, such as "Exclusively" and "Walpole" which promote UK luxury brands.

An operational agreement is in place with www.smallcarbigcity.com to provide the day to day marketing and administration.

Subject to funding, the first vehicle is planned to be delivered to the company on 5th February 2014, allowing 19 days for trials and generating interest in London before “curtain up” on 24th February 2014. There will be a spate of PR activity in the capital during these 19 days provided free of charge to the company by www.torquepr.co.uk (for details see full Plan). The directors plan to reach potential clients by providing the mobile office plus driver and Purser to journalists at London publications such as City AM, The Standard and The Metro. During these 19 days, the mobile office will be driven to potential customers for a quick “sit in” – these include professional firms who can pass on the cost to their clients: barristers on the way to/from court with clients, corporate financiers on “Road Shows” in the City, accountants, estate agents with wealthy clients wishing to see several London properties, celebrities and tour/TV/music/sport agents, Head-hunters for interviews, life-style operators, luxury jet/yacht operators etc. The directors will also target Concierges at top London Hotels.

The directors have excellent contacts with airlines such as Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and Etihad and is advised that once these arilines sit in the mobile office, they will see the potential for providing our service to their most valued travellers.