View Full Version : Seed of Evil

Squabble Studios
09-04-2012, 02:14 PM
Use your mind to escape the horrific mansion! Relax to sneak by enemies! What are you waiting for?


A third-person perspective horror adventure game.

You play as a mischievous delivery boy named Oswald whose mind has been put into a jack-o-lantern by a mad scientist. You must help him navigate through a terrifying mansion full of hideous monsters and malicious traps. Dropped into the pitch darkness, you only have Oswald’s light to find a way to free your mind from its pumpkin prison…But beware, enemies are attracted to the light as well!

Master your instincts and control your fear to harness the power of your thoughts. The more scared you are, the brighter your light becomes and the more likely it is that enemies will see you. The longer you can remain calm, the longer you will survive! Flaming skulls, wailing banshees, stalking spiders and grotesque ghouls are all waiting in the dark to rip you apart and devour the pieces… and if that wasn’t enough, there is also a diabolical array of traps waiting to dismember you in almost every way imaginable!