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10-16-2013, 01:41 AM


What is it? We're making the first ever feature film written by its audience. This unprecedented film collaboration of movie fans will garner the world record for most writers on a feature film. We need you to make it happen. You will vote for your favorite of three movie treatments on the movie’s website, youareallit.com. Then you will rewrite, edit, or simply give notes on the chosen film script. How much you do is up to you. When production begins on your movie, the website will stream it LIVE! That’s right! We will be streaming a fully interactive making of the movie live in its entirety. It will be the ultimate behind the scenes experience. “What is it?” In a word...AWESOME!

Who are we? We are three film industry professionals with 25 years of combined production and post-production experience. We've worked in film and television, and even taught in post-production school. Behind the camera, in front of the camera, before the camera, and after the camera; we've done it all. We've done feature length and short Drama, Sci-fi, Horror, Action, Comedy, Documentary, Musical, Sitcom, Dramatic Television...oh and uh...reality:-D. Over the years, we've worked beside each other but rarely have we worked together on the same projects. The three of us thought it was time to come together and do something Hollywood has never done before; listen to its audience!

Why? We think the one thing every moviegoer has in common is that one thing about it they want to change. It's like that time you turned to a friend and said, "You know that part in that scene? Well, I wouldn't have done that; I would have done this!" Everyone has a creative voice. With all of your help, we'll be able to assemble the best script with the best ideas. To put it simply, instead of telling you what you want to see, we thought we’d ask you.

How does It work? You get user access to the website with your pledge of $10 or more. Once logged in, you will have the chance to vote on your favorite of three movie treatments. We are currently whittling down a dozen scripts to the final three that you will vote on. All of the talented writers are professionals that we have either worked with or look forward to working with. Our criteria are a story driven script, plenty of lean forward moments (plot twists and turns), emotional content (stories are supposed to make us feel something), and great character development (likability and loath-ability cannot be overlooked). We are weighing more heavily on story than genre; so, the three scripts you will choose from may be action, comedy, or drama. We are especially grateful for the writers and their enthusiasm toward this unprecedented collaboration with all of you! Voting is projected to take place in early December or January. Only you, our Kickstarter supporters, will be able to vote on and rewrite this movie. After the votes are tallied, let the rewrites begin! We'll break up the script into three phases, giving you ample opportunity to rewrite, tweak, punch up, give notes, or tell us what you think. The phases will play out over a few months (projected February through April). We don’t expect you to crank it out overnight and we need time to read all your ideas.