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George Robbins
09-04-2012, 06:10 PM
UniGrip Pro is the first high quality smartphone mounting system designed to attach industry standard accessories such as tripods.

The UniGrip Pro is the first of its kind professional quality universal smartphone mount which allows the user to mount virtually any phone with or without its protective case, to industry standard accessories such as Tripods, Mono-pods Light kits and stabilization devices. 1/4 20 Threaded Receivers are on both the top and bottom of the unit.

The UniGrip Pro is precision laser cut from high quality durable steel and will last a lifetime. Most other mounts are made from cheap plastic and have been know to fail during use. Putting your phone at risk of being damaged or destroyed. It's easy slide down clamp design allows secure connection to the largest of phones and even stronger connections to accessories.

Our functional prototype has been under development and testing for the past 6 months with great success and is ready to go to full production.