View Full Version : OIVA: Revolutionize the World with Augmented and Virtual Reality Headgear

Andrew Lehti
09-04-2012, 06:12 PM
The OIVA Virtual Reality Headset will utilize the existing technology of high definition Virtual Retinal Displays to justify a perfect looking virtual reality, home theater and enhanced high-definition eye vision. The OIVA will make use of advanced voice recognition technology, HD omni audio with noise canceling technology, and motion sensing.

This is our pre-development campaign so that we can create our pitch video. We are working with about 3 companies on this project and so far, we have a total of 50 engineers working on the headgear. We would really appreciate any help, even if it's just sharing, it all makes and difference, and we can make a difference together!

THE OIVA: Discovering the new frontier of theater, gaming and life through augmented and virtual reality and built with Android technology.


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