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Spot On J2K
10-17-2013, 07:03 PM
(Click for video) (http://crazyvillevariety.com/hollow/Hollow_Vid.wmv)

Demo Link: http://www.crazyvillevariety.com/hollow/Hollow_Demo.zip
Kickstarter Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2045032203/hollow


Hollow is an adventure/role-playing hybrid influenced by some of my favorite games such as Shadowrun, Fallout, and Shining Force. In this game you are a city detective who has accepted an assignment in the nearly abandoned rural town of Hollow, where some of the worst criminals have mysteriously escaped. It will be up to you and whoever will help to use whatever you have at your disposal to figure out what has happened. Guns, magic, computer hacking, investigation tools, surreal puzzles, and major decision making will factor into whether or not you will succeed.

Hollow will feature turn-based, free-roam combat with up to 3 vs 3 battles. You will control yourself and any allies you have with you, fully utilizing their strengths:


This is probably not what you would call an all-out Action RPG. It will be heavy in dialogue with many attribute, skill, and even gender checks that will sometimes result in drastically different consequences:


By upgrading your Hacking skill, you will become knowledgeable about more useful computer programs and be able to use more of them at a time. You will fight and manipulate Intrusion Countermeasure Elements (ICE) to get past security measures, view secret files, or just make some extra cash:


If you decide to try the demo, I hope you enjoy it! If you decide to pledge, I'll enjoy it even more!