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Bike HUD
Heads-up display for motorcycles - making riding safer and more fun.


Bike HUD is a heads-*up display (HUD) system that shows motorcycle riders key information such as speed, engine revs and gear selection via a helmet-mounted display.

Bike HUD aims to make riding safer by increasing road awareness. It would reduce the need to look down at instruments and helps ensure correct gear selection for overtaking/pulling away from junctions – in short, it lets motorcyclists concentrate on the road rather than their instruments, making riding safer and more fun.

The system communicates speed, RPM, gear, revs and turn indicators using text, graphics, colour and sound, all without distracting the rider from the traffic conditions and riding environment.

Bike HUD comprises a motorcycle-*mounted computer, handle mounted switchgear and helmet audio*visual display, which we expect can be installed in over 90% of helmets.

Bike HUD has been designed to be portable between helmets – when the helmet is damaged or a new helmet is purchased, Bike HUD could be moved by the user from the old to the new helmet in minutes.

In our experience, the need to check behind in rear-view mirrors and check instrumentation means that motorcyclists may only spend one third of their attention on the road ahead. With Bike HUD there is the potential to significantly increase the time spent focussed on the road.

The computer at the heart of Bike HUD aims to offer a flexible platform for further product development and additional accessories that could be sold as add*-on extras to the core product.

When Bike HUD has been fitted to a motorcycle rider's helmet we believe it will increase safety and enhance the riding experience.

Having tested an early Bike HUD prototype, commuter/leisure motorcyclist, Simon Shirley said: “I've just completed an evening 70 mile ride. I've never ridden so well or hit bends so right. My attention was completely uninterrupted. I don't think I've enjoyed riding so much in a long time.”

Our own market research shows that 71% of people would find it advantageous to have key information relayed to their helmet both audio and visually. We believe our products can increase motorcyclist safety by allowing the user to remain focused on the road ahead for more of the time.

Having tried an early Bike HUD prototype, ROSPA instructor, Mike Moloney commented: “I like to look up. Move my head to see where I'm going. By not having to reference back to my instruments, the unit encourages me to do just that.”

We also believe that Bike HUD will be attractive to riders for track days (and potentially for racing). Anthony Park, a BSB Pirelli National Superstock 1000 Rider used a Bike HUD prototype and said: "As a racer I'm constantly looking through the bend. I can clearly see my speed, what revs without having to look back at the instruments. All this while still in the corner."

1. Two studies were undertaken to see if it was feasible to place an audio-visual device into a standard motorcycle helmet.

2. Two prototypes have been completed:

The initial Alpha development was an R&D version.

The Beta version was a “Proof of Concept”, which used the data collected from the Alpha stage to provide a more advanced design. The Beta has undergone testing approaching 7,000 miles.

3. A web-site and associated social media presence has been created around www.bike-hud.com

4. There is a patent pending

5. Successfully won funding from:

• MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Board)
• Derby Enterprise Growth Fund (DEGF)

6. Application to a number of industry award/competitions including:

• The Prince Michael International Road Safety Award competition
• Elektra Design Team of the Year
• Institution of Engineering and Technology Innovation Awards

We plan to manufacture, design and distribute the products in the UK.

Initially the sales focus will be directed to the UK market, via the product website, www.bike-hud.com.

We also plan to attend industry trade shows to market the product - the two main ones being:

• Birmingham NEC
• London Motorcycle Show.

In years two and three we plan to add new product features and enter new market segments namely Europe and the US.

In the future, we plan to offer third parties limited access to some parts of the computer that drives Bike HUD through an API (Application Programming Interface). This would allow third parties to provide enhanced functionality and integrate their products with the Bike HUD system. Licensing access to the API could provide an additional revenue channel.

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