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10-22-2013, 06:28 AM
Every parent knows the fear and concern of when your child is 'lost'. Looqi™ will make sure there is no longer any need to worry. Thanks to the Looqi wristband and Looqi key ring you will always know where your children are. Regardless of the place and time. During a visit to a crowded city. A day at the beach. A trip to a theme park. Or just near home. If your child is not at home at the agreed time, or is not at the agreed location. Thanks to Looqi you will know where your child is with just one glance at your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

The "heart" of Looqi is a powerful next generation real-time GPS chip with G-sensor. An 'industry' mobile chip emits a signal every 20 seconds to an app on your smartphone or tablet, available for both Apple and Android, or your desktop computer.
For data transmission, we rely on the proven Vodafone network, and we provide worldwide coverage.

The unique battery technology ensures that both the Looqi wristband and the Looqi keyring have a continuous lifespan of at least 7 days. Charge your Looqi with the wireless induction charger. So, there’s no hassling with connectors.

Check it out:
Indiegogo (http://igg.me/at/looqi/x/4657710)
Website (http://www.looqi.com)