View Full Version : sHArts Funny T-shirts. You will HA HA every time you see one!

Jared Bell
09-05-2012, 01:06 PM
Hey Crowd forums,

My name is Jared Bell and I am the co-founder of sHArts Funny T-shirts. We proud ourselves on producing pop culture spoofs for every t-shirt fan!
The other founder is my Brother. We are sibling owners and we are laugh-ers. That is what sparked this company and project. We love to laugh and we both love funny t-shirts. So through months of preparation we have finally started a kickstarter and we are ready to go.
The our Kickstarter Project is to help us print our first line of t-shirts.
Head on over to our Kickstarter and check out the funny you have been waiting for.


Thank you and please let us know what you think.
We want to hear you LAUGH!