View Full Version : Smartphone / Tablet stand with TF / Micro SD reader

09-06-2012, 01:47 PM

Iíve been asked what ICorps (company name) stands for. Itís actually the Roman Numeral 1 and Corps. Viet Nam was divided into 5 zones called Corps. The Northern most was I Corps or as we called it Eye Corps. In 1968 I was an active duty Marine stationed at Chu Lai. I named my company to honor my all brothers and sisters.

The Smartphone stand grew out of me wanted something I wouldnít forget to take and I wouldnít break. Iím very good at doing both.

The tablet stand was a natural progression from the phone stand and the other items are very simple things I made for myself because nobody else made exactly what I wanted.

Non-stand credit card SD reader prototype finished. Not sure if Iíll add to this project or start another.

Phone stand with USB powered fan still in proto stage.