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Brandon Wilkinson
09-11-2012, 07:45 PM

My name is Brandon Wilkinson, and I have been homebrewing for two years, volunteering at a local brewery when I have time, and I currently work a second job at a craft beer retailer. I am soaking up as much information as I can from brewers, distributors, and retailers in order to launch my own microbrewery startup.

Besides being a Beer Geek, I am a gamer and fantasy/scifi geek as well. I work an IT job by day, and over many years my other geeky interests have included online RPG computer games, dungeons and dragons, performing in community theatre, and I have a large library of fantasy and sci-fi novels, and comic books. So geeks are my people.

There are many of us geeks in this country and beyond. In the metro-Atlanta area where I live and work, our city hosts one of the largest Fantasy/Sci-fi conventions in the country: DragonCon! Last year there were 45,000 of us in attendance. Around the world there are millions of people who hold subscriptions for fantasy games such as World of Warcraft; last year Blizzard Entertainment boasted 10.3 million subscribers for this one computer game alone. An estimated 20 million people worldwide have played the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game since it was created in 1977. The three films in the Lord of the Rings trilogy brought fantasy geekery into the mainstream, the last one racking up $377,027,325 at the box office. That is the purchasing power of people who are drawn to these mythic themes of fellowship, adventure, self-sacrifice, and heroism.

And they are all very, very thirsty.

The Hoppy Dwarf Brewing Company will provide artisan hand-crafted beers with fantasy themes. Our story centers around our company mascot, a Dwarven Brewer named Brann Kegbelly, and he tells his stories right now, on our company blog at The Hoppy Dwarf Brewing Company. Every beer we offer will have a story behind it on the website, and I want to include you in our story! And of course, the quality of our products will always be our first and foremost focus.

What Kind of Beers Will You Have?

In the beginning we will offer four recipes, one for each traditionally "good-aligned" people in a fantasy genre: Dwarves, Elves, Humans, and Halflings.

Blackforge Dwarven Stout:

This hearty, nourishing ale is black as the depths of Blackforge Mountain, the home of the Dwarves in the world of Urthgardt, where our tale is set. Brewed with smoked malts and peppercorns to conjure the smoke and fire of the forge, this ale was quaffed by Dwarven warriors to provide invulnerability for a time in heated battle.

Elvish Elixir:

This light, delicate ale, brewed in the style of a Belgian Blonde with the addition of honeysuckle, was created by Elvish bards, the yeast inspired by their ethereal voices lifted in song. These draughts were used to heal the wounds of Elvish warriors in battle.

Dread Edd's Immortal Pirate Ale:

The legendary Dread Edd, Pirate King and Tattooed Scourge of the Blood Seas, brewed this powerfully bitter IPA with mystical hops grown on the Forbidden Isle dangerously close to Orcish lands. The preservative powers of these cones have allowed him and his pirate minions to live for centuries, defending their territory against all comers.

The Nutty Halfling:

A once carefree and agrarian people, the halflings' homeland was horribly razed by marauding orcs in the Great Wars decades ago. Still to this day, these wee folk struggle to reclaim their link to the land, and many have turned to theft and other less noble pursuits to survive. This nut-brown ale was brewed by a halfling priestess from barley grown in hallowed soil to grant her people the power to travel unseen, protected from the eyes of their enemies.

How Can I Help?

I'm so glad you asked! :D What I'm asking is to help me get started providing big beer for big imaginations. Starting a microbrewery is an epic undertaking in itself: brewing systems, fermentors, bottling lines and other equipment can reach costs of $500,000 or more, so this is a very long-term fund-raising project with several stages.

My initial goal of $20,000 will help me get started with recipe formulation and testing, hiring a web designer and graphic artist, ordering promotional items such as t-shirts and glassware to sell at regional geek conventions and craft beer events in the Southeast, and formal web-based brewer training from the Siebel's Institute in Chicago. Any funds raised over the goal will go towards future equipment purchases.

I know that times are tight and not everyone can contribute. But if you can't, please help us get the word out! Use the handy Indiegogo share tools to tweet and post on your Wall about us!

And someday I will see you all in our brewery's tasting room sampling some liquid libation and telling us your own tales!

09-11-2012, 08:03 PM
Oops! I forgot the indiegogo link: http://indiegogo.com/thehoppydwarf (http://www.indiegogo.com/thehoppydwarf). Please share my campaign!

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Please like us on Facebook as well! http://www.facebook.com/thehoppydwarf and visit our website: http://www.hoppydwarfbrewing.com!