View Full Version : Useful Tips from a Succesful Kickstarter Campaign

12-17-2013, 12:59 PM
Hi Community,
I have learned a lot from this forum and thanks for all the tips provided by the earlier creators. I would like to give something back to the community, what i have learned in the past four days of our campaign.
We started on December 12th, at 11:30pm, our funding goal was $10K in 35 days period. We knew that we had great designed stuff but with limited experiences in online marketing, we were not sure if we were able to achieve this goal, but the result was unexpected, on the fourth day, we have reached 215% over our funding goal, and of course, this is exciting! so basically we conclude some helpful tips and hope it can be a benefit to you.
1) Have a great product, great design, great film, great stuff - like one of you, we have always seen a project that has raise over $100k , many of them out there, that makes you think it's easy to have something funded on kickstarter, what you don't see is how many hours, days,months, even years that project has spent prior the campaign, do your best to focus on the design, idea, that is the core of everything, don't just spend 10% of your effort and think you will be great as others, no way. spend 100% and you will be paid off.
2) Great photos- regardless of everything you put up there, you need to have really good photo, find a professionals, dont just take few from your iphone.
3) Great video- this is the most important part, we spent one month to prepare for the video, yet we still think there are many things that can be improved at this moment, find a good videographer, watch more vemio videos, learn from the successful project how they took theirs, story telling usually catches people.

4) "staff pick" -there are thousands of new projects launched everyday, people normally can't find your project if it's not in the front or second page,
kickstarter has a section "staff pick", but you have no control over this as it's completely on their hands, they pick the ones they like and put them on the front page, luckily, we have been selected as "staff pick" and our project shows on the first place under "Fashion" section.

5) network - as mentioned by all previous creators, send your project to some relevant bloggers, website, do some advertisement on facebook, twitter,

6)help other kickstarter campaign - we have been contacted by few other projects who are currently running, and doing very successful, they were asking us if we can mention them on our own "updates", so our backers will eventually see their project, we did, and as a return, they also mentioned us on their update. it's a mutual beneficial thing so why not, just have to pick a great project.
7)pledge some kickstarter projects- it's good to show your account has "pledge" at least one project before, you don't want all your backers see your account has "0" pledged, which means you are engaged in this community ?

i hope this is helpful, good luck !

Founder of VENQUE