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12-19-2013, 03:03 PM
World Around Me - WAM
An augmented reality mobile app that simplifies place search.


WAM - World Around Me

We have developed WAM to simplify local places search worldwide for smarter travel and tourism. WAM is a location based AR app available on iOS and Android for FREE (Lite version) and paid (Pro version).

WAM allows you to look for restaurants, banks, bars & pubs, cafes, clothing stores, doctors, gas stations, grocery stores, hotels, movie theatres, museums, parks, pharmacies and subway/metro stations around you with just one tap, through your phone's camera, anywhere in the world.

You can also search local places for "Thai food", ďatmĒ, "pizza", "car rental", "gift shop" or anything else. Imagine Googling in Augmented Reality. It can be downloaded from www.worldaroundmeapp.com.

We plan to extend WAM on windows mobile, on Glass like wearables. The final outcome is making it an Augmented City platform.

We aim to make Lancaster world's first Augmented City.

WAM connects the physical world with digital content. This allows users to create meaningful relationships with their immediate environment. It connects a user with the local services a city offers from food, recreation, entertainment and leisure.

Students arriving in new universities will be able to connect better with the university and city services. It would provide them with an opportunity to connect with the physical world and explore their environment.

Tourists arriving in a new city will not be confused about which direction to go while searching for a particular place of interest - restaurant, pub etc.

Citizens in a city will be able to search for local services in their vicinity by 'Googling in Augmented Reality' using WAM.

Local businesses would get free promotion and would be able to compete with each other on getting good reviews. This would in the process improve the quality of service delivered to the end user.

Lancaster, which we aim to make world's first Augmented City would attract more tourists to experience the Augmented Experiences.

1) WAM is available on iOS and Android in both free and paid version. It can be dowloaded from www.worldaroundmeapp.com
2) As of 5th Nov - 7800+ users in 140+ countries worldwide & growing at 45-120 every day
3) Got mentioned in National Geographic Traveller, BBC Radio & The Guardian

Custom AR Projects
1) Augmented audio visual tour guide has been launched at Brantwood museum in Coniston as a downloadable mobile app called Brantwood (available for free on iOS). By just pointing their iPhone or iPad to features within the museum, visitors can experience Ruskinís work, ideas and quotes brought to life in a unique, fun and immersive way.
2) Got mentioned in West Moorland Gazette, Lancashire Evening Post & The Guardian.
3) Completed an AR project for University of Warwick - IIPSI Building - revenue £26k

1) Freemium Business Model: Ad revenue from the free app and sales revenue from the paid app on both iOS & Android platform.

This model is already in place and we receive ad revenue and sales revenue each month. But the current amounts are proportional to the amount of users.

2) WAM Partners: One time setup cost and monthly subscription fee. A partner would be allowed to add their data on WAM so that their customers could access that.

3) Local Contextual Ads & Promotions: The businesses that appear on WAM would be charged on transaction basis for views in WAM and actual customer acquisition using WAM.

Our revenue projections for fiscal starting November'13 are £615k (FY2014), £2.6m (FY2015) and £7.2m (FY2016) at a net profit of -55%, 20% and 40% respectively.

Regional & International PR: £8k
Local Advertising & Marketing in Lancaster: £2k
Marketing to Universities & Tourist Information Centres across UK: £5k
Community Management & Partnerships in Lancaster: £10k
Product Design & Development (mobile, web & Glass + UX design): £35k
Other Staff & Operational Costs: £15k

These funds would last us for 4 months.