View Full Version : Pozible 's Self Hosted Crowdfunding Initiative Goes Live

01-10-2014, 03:49 PM
The other day Indiegogo announced their new "OutPost" initiative, which will allow people looking for funding to not only list their project on their platform, but also host their project by embedding it on their own personal/business websites. Seems like this is a new trend. The same sort of idea was first announced by Australian crowdfunding platform Pozible.com (http://Pozible.com), and today has gone live.


Pozible has been one of the crowdfunding platforms out there who is not afraid to stray from the pack and innovate. They also announced that they are accepting Bitcoin for the funding of projects a couple months back as well. Pozible has posted 4 reason why self hosting of a crowdfunding project can be beneficial. They include:

- It is completely under your own website Ė your url, your color scheme and your own layout.
- Keep your audiences, your supporters donít have to register with Pozible to pledge their support. When they click to pledge, the streamlined and secure payment portal opens right there on your site.
- Choose to accept PayPal payments or Credit Cards or both, you can download all supporter details from the Pozible admin backend.
- Supported by 26 currencies.