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  1. Adult Industry leader invests in AXF Crowdfunding Platform.

    Adult Industry business leader invests in AXF Crowdfunding platform during the second round of equity investment raise.

    AXF (, the world’s only true adult crowdfunding...
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    What page & what model?

    What page & what model?
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    Thanks for your reply. The final results were 58%...

    Thanks for your reply. The final results were 58% no, 18% yes and 24% maybe, so the no votes just edged it.

    As with all documentation, it will say InCrowd Capital, it was interesting to see the...
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    What's in the name, does it matter?

    We are running a quick poll on Twitter to ask if our branding would put you off visiting our platform. Please pop over to us on Twitter and click Yes, No or Maybe to...
  5. Drop us an email on and we can...

    Drop us an email on and we can get the information over regarding this offer.
  6. Great to hear your thoughts Markallen, we have to...

    Great to hear your thoughts Markallen, we have to agree with you.

    We are now offering this opportunity as we are set to grow our platform and add equity crowdfunding campaigns, this will make us a...
  7. With the continued growth of crowdfunding we are...

    With the continued growth of crowdfunding we are set to add equity crowdfunding options to our platform so we can offer a wider range of investment opportunities to investors. To do this we are...
  8. Luwi giving women control back when it comes to sex.

    Luwi (pronounced loowee and stands for “Let Us Wear It”) is an ultra thin, hormone-free, chemical-free, new form of contraceptive and sexually transmitted infection (STI) protection made for women.
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    Thanks for your message, we do have some...

    Thanks for your message, we do have some interesting reward based campaigns on the platform and have a really interesting adult/mainstream campaign launching tomorrow (Fri 30th June). We are looking...
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    Get your VIP investor event ticket

    InCrowd Capital (ICC) the company that own and operate the crowdfunding platform are holding a VIP Investor Event in London on the 26th July.

    AXF is the first of its kind and...
  11. Business & Crowdfunding tip from a World's 1st.

    Being a world's first is extra tough, breaking through into a new market, challenging culture beliefs, changing minds and all because you know there is a market for your business and that the people...
  12. Business & Crowdfunding tips from the Director of ICM Registry.

    This month in our 4 Minutes With feature we speak with Director & Vice President of ICM Registry and ask him his top business tips and advice for starting a business and using crowdfunding. You can...
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    Not sure what problem you have, it is still live...

    Not sure what problem you have, it is still live at HERE
  14. Who has brought equity in a crowdfunding platform?

    In the recent years, a number of crowdfunding platforms have raised capital by offering equity in their platforms.

    Have you purchased any of this stock, if so what was your main reason?

  15. If you are looking to invest in start ups, what...

    If you are looking to invest in start ups, what sector are you looking at? If you are open, then there will be an opportunity to invest in our crowdfunding platform for equity in the near future.
  16. Crowdfunding & business tips from Juicy Ads CEO

    This month we talk with Jay, CEO & Founder of Juicy Ads. He gives us his top tips and thoughts on crowdfunding our in 4 Minutes with feature.

    Read it at...
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    Top Tips from

    Welcome to the first of our new "Four Minutes With" features, where we sit down and speak with leading CEO’s and business professionals and ask them for their top tips and insights into starting a...
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    Thanks for the comment, we don't at the minute...

    Thanks for the comment, we don't at the minute but that could be a great feature to cover in the future.
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    Top Ten Tips For Crowdfunding

    How do you build a successful crowdfunding campaign?

    We’ve pulled together the top tips for getting your pitch noticed and reaching your funding goal.
  20. The adult industry does fit in to its own niche...

    The adult industry does fit in to its own niche and this sector has been badly supported by the crowdfunding industry, so the need for this platform was born. Launching with an interesting range of...
  21. Crowdfunding For Grown Ups Has Arrived.

    adultXfunding (, the world’s first true crowdfunding platform aimed specifically at the adult lifestyle and sexual health sector launches worldwide.

    There are four great...
  22. Would you invest in a crowdfunding platform?

    Crowdcude raised £1.2M in just 16 minutes before raising £3.8 million through the VC company Balderton Capital. SyndicateRoom has raised £3.1m in a series A funding round. Its initial target of £2.3m...
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    Short crowdfunding survey!

    We are running a short 12 question survey on crowdfunding and the interest in a niche sector. Please take just 2 minutes to complete this survey.

    We do not collect any email information or IP...
  24. There are sexy investments coming your way.

    There are safe investments, risky investments & dam right crazy investments, however now there are sexy investments with the #crowdfunding platform that is opening up the adult...
  25. Sticky: The first true...

    The first true crowdfunding site for the global Adult Industry. Where companies can offer equity for investment in their adult business and projects. The...
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