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    Favela Experience - $31,175 - Indiegogo - Video Interview with Elliot Rosenburg

    Elliot Rosenberg, an American, living in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and is currently setting his own path in the world. After a study abroad trip to Brazil, Elliot was completely transformed by the Brazilian culture and wanted to share his experience with the world. Upon graduating college, Elliot flew back to Brazil and started on a mission to engulf visitors in the unique and welcoming Brazilian culture. Much of the heartbeat of the Brazilian culture is centered around the densely populated favelas of Brazil. The young entrepreneur set up a website to help tourists find inexpensive accommodations and truly immerse themselves in the culture of the favelas. The Favela Experience is based on sustainable tourism and Elliot took to Indiegogo to help spread this vision and offer affordable accommodations for the 2014 World Cup coming this summer.

    During Elliotís 60 day campaign he was able to raise over $31,000 with the help of 75 backers. In this interview Elliot dives into what made his campaign so successful and he teaches us some tips and tricks for getting onto national publications. Furthermore, we learn how a little sense of ugency can push people in the right direction.

    Suggestions to Future Entrepreneurs & Campaigners
    • Create a sense of urgency for people to donate
    • Manage relationships with media outlets
    • Build credibility through trusted media
    • Take risks when you donít have many responsibilities
    • Lower costs on Indiegogo by increasing the length of your campaign if you donít think you will reach your funding goal

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    Thanks a lot for your ideas , the last one is better for my current campaign...

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    Great, we needed that, thank you.

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    I'll use your site when traveling to Brazil.

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    Limited time: The SoGo Mini! (now on kickstarter) #indiegogo #kickstarter #sogomini

    Hopefully we can be as successful as this project!

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    Great, Your idea is very good. I will keep on watching your project. thank you.

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