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    Hot CrowdFunded Projects This Week - Dreadball, Soap (Feb 27th)

    Wow, talk about a turn around in Crowdfunding activity this past week. In the last seven days, four projects have launched and received $99k+ in their first week of funding. It will be interesting to see if this is the start of a trend, or next week will die off like the weeks past. Here is this week's rundown.

    DreadBall Xtreme

    More violence, intimidating sponsors and all-new teams, Xtreme is a whole new way of playing Dreadball - The Futuristic Sports Game!
    $334,697 Raised So Far

    Arcadia Quest

    Lead your Guild and loot the Monster infested city of Arcadia! No gamemaster required, so everyone gets to join in the fun!
    $192,552 Raised So Far

    Axis360: modular motion control for cameras

    A compact, motorized tripod head and slider for dynamic video and timelapse photography.
    $143,464 Raised So Far

    External USB Battery Pack- Limefuel IP66 Rugged 15000mAh

    High capacity all terrain external battery keeps your devices fueled for life’s adventures!
    $99,598 Raised So Far

    Soap: First Smart Router w/ Touch Display Powered by Android

    Make your home smart with this first ever Android based Router, with a touch screen display powered by an ARM processor.
    $61,017 Raised So Far
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    I think the High capacity all terrain external battery is a real winner. Only partway through the project and they are over 3 times funded (they asked for $30,000 and are now over $99,000). Again, proof that if the product or service is good, the backers are ready to part with their cash.

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