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    Hot CrowdFunded Projects This Week - Ring, SnapRays (Mar 6th)

    What a week! This is the first time in nearly 5 months that we have seen 5 projects launch on Kickstarter and bring in over $100k a piece within their first 7 days. This week's top 5 projects raked in over $1.2 million in there first week of funding. Here's the list!

    Ring : Shortcut Everything.

    Wearable Input Device that lets you control anything. Gesture control, text transmission, payment, and more!
    $547,904 Raised So far

    Deluxe Mage: the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition

    Contribute to help give the Deluxe M20 Edition a leather bound, embossed+, silk bookmarked, gold-edged, full-color, deluxe treatment.
    $276,078 Raised So Far


    Discover the Collector's Edition of TOKAIDO: the acclaimed singular gaming experience by Antoine Bauza.
    $221,021 Raised So far

    The SnapRays Guidelight by Snap Power : Illuminate your life

    A Guide Light designed to look like and replace the standard outlet cover plate. It installs in seconds with no wiring or batteries.
    $133,856 Raised So far

    Fireteam Zero - A game of tactics, horror, and cool minis!

    Fireteam Zero is a fast and furious cooperative boardgame of brutal squad tactics versus a relentless onslaught of horrifying foes.
    $123,456 Raised So far
    Join TheHidden Content , and Invite your friends.

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    Hmm, the Ring : Shortcut Everything might being going a bit far a bit too fast for me. lol

    Obviously there are a lot of lovers of it though.

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    Some amazing prospects here!

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    Very cool project, well done, and lots.... of funding for this. I like the idea that it only uses pennies a year!! Very green & highly useful.

    One question???? - Can you install this with an off/on switch?

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    It will be interesting to see where these projects end up. The Ring seems to be very successful so far!
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    Stock Photography, and Virtual Assisting
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    Snappower seems like a great idea, especially for familes with kids

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    We need more people to come to our kickstart but we are struggling because we don't have many friends on twitter or Facebook so it is had to get funded

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    That is a great idea, good luck

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    The ring is mind blowing! Crazy concept, but I wonder how it actually works...

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    Try reaching out to bloggers... If you find similar KS pages, copy and paste the images into "Google Images" and it will tell you who has written about them.

    Then reach out to those bloggers

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