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    That's amazing, but I can see why you've seen so much success. 3D printers are such fascinating items, and you've taken that and made it affordable. Well done!

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    Limited time: The SoGo Mini! (now on kickstarter) #indiegogo #kickstarter #sogomini

    Hopefully we can be as successful as this project!

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    Wow! Well done!

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    Wow - well done.

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    That's a really under forecasted outcome, for that type of a technology. Kudos to them, and hope they expand quickly to provide this to everybody at prices that can be enjoyed by the masses !

    I also have a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign for a startup called RideGlide, which will be a carpooling website and app for Canada's Ontario provinces' University and College students in partnership with KIVA (donating 10% of any earned revenue to Africa). We are aiming for $17.5k by the end of this month, and here is the link:

    Please let me know what you guys think about this, and if you guys can show support we can provide you with awesome gear and of course featuring you as the generous donors that will help us get to where we want to be <3

    Website URL:

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    Our company needs one of these for sure. What a success story!

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    Brilliant, because 3D printers were all the rage but this was a place where to actually own one whilst say ToysRus or supermarkets were slow to pick up on it.

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    Hello there. Im new here. Im a fiverr level 2 seller, 100% positive feedback. I need to make few posts so I can open my own topic.

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    Missed that one. Definitely could need one of these micro printers!

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    Is this a public traded company? I invest in 3D metal printing and "A.M."
    I'm hoping it reaches other people who have been burned by the church today.... help if you can

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