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    3D printer Kickstarter project aims for $50K, nets more than $1M

    Most pre-order models have already sold out

    A 3D printer that can be bought for as little as $199 has kicked up a storm of donations through the crowdsourcing site Kickstarter. Donations of $249 and $299, which also garners you a 3D printer, are all sold out. Even $599 donations are almost gone.

    M3D LLC., the creator of the Micro 3D printer project, was aiming for $50,000. But with 29 days to go, it has already pulled in more than $1 million.

    The machine comes in one size and is being touted as the first truly consumer 3D printer that is the "most affordable," needs no assembly and works straight out of the box. While the printer comes with M3D's base software, the machine also supports and uses open-source software for more advanced users.

    "You can unbox it, install the software, and print right away -- it's as quick and as simple as that," M3D said on its Kickstarter page.

    The printer makes objects up to 4.6 inches high. The printing area is small -- only 2.9-in. x 3.5-in. x 3.3-in.

    Bethesda, Md.-based M3D expects to begin production of the Micro 3D printer between August and September and complete shipments of the machines to donators by March 2015.

    The cube-shaped printer connects to Windows, Macs or Linux systems via USB and tilts the scales at a svelte 2.2 lbs. It is only 7.3-in. cubed in size and supports several thermoplastics, including the most popular ABS, PLA and nylon filaments. (See video below.)

    The Micro printer comes in Silver, Black, Blue, Red, Orange, and Green.

    The filament spools are sold for $12 and come in half pound (225 gram) sizes -- enough material to make 45 small vases, the company said.

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    M3D LLC., the creator of the Micro 3D printer project, was aiming for $50,000. But with 29 days to go, it has already pulled in more than $1 million.

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    That is amazing. I think it was the low price and accessibility to ordinary consumers. There are so many tech projects out there that ruminate and fetishize the technology rather than sell the product! - Looks like M3D hit the sweet spot between technology and product

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    This is amazing! Congratulations. I want one!

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    looking forward to getting one of these!

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    I think there's a lot of excitement about 3D printers in general, but they don't seem accessible. This one sounds great and feels like a viable option for consumers. Congratulations!

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    It's cool to see so many people interested in 3D printing, this reminds me of the MOD-T campaign:

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    Wow that's just crazy, in a good way. Hope they can deliver on this. Actually a 3D printer is something I want to get down the road as i'm going to be doing some brand merchandise for my games as promo items. Incredible.

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