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    Quote Originally Posted by Roy View Post
    I researched crowdfunding mafia. After reading some in depth reviews I chose not to go down that road.
    What was the problem you saw with CrowdfundMafia

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    I also heard that CrowdfundMafia is not reliable. They are unorganized, do not fulfill their promises. So do yr research before you go for it.
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    Where there is a demand, there is a supply...
    I thought crowdfunding was a creativity, but it is actually another market.

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    I was so tempted to try using one of it but after reading the reviews, i think i should pull back

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marian Yu View Post
    I got someone to help me with the PR but I don't think it's helping me much. I'm not sure if she knows a lot of people who's willing to donate.

    Anyone else know a good PR firm that's below $50?
    All of them should be well below $50. If they want any higher of a price than that, then you can bet your bottom dollar they are not a reputable company.

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    Scared Money doesn't Make Money.

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