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    Great thoughts on this, thanks for sharing guys. Would much appreciated if there's more advice on drive the traffic to our site, thanks.

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    Hi, am just thinking that there could some way same minded crowd fund raiser could come to rescue each other. If you have been helped to grow or come out of a problem, you would be 100+ times motivated to come on the web and help others succeed. In Africa, this is a new plat form and I wish many people can help real projects and we create a new family of helpers. Helping some one who will never show the love in any way is a waste of time. We have a simple way we would like to share our help please see our page and this could be a new episode in Africa as well;

    With much regards,

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    In my opinion, It is necessary to have a proper plan and goal for the success of crowdfunding campaign. Here you can get some ideas that ensure helpfully:-

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    Hi sukariinc,

    did you have some success in finding support?

    I would need desperately as well.

    Can you advise me to whom to direct me to?

    Thanks a lot in advance,


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    Hi Richard,

    so nice to see this message yours.

    I would like to start Crowdfunding for a social project, but have no clue how to even start.
    Do you know of somebody who might be willing to help me on my way with this?

    So many thanks in advance,

    Best regards,


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    Hi William,

    I have discovered that, crowd fund raising is not a just through on line issue, but a thing with in our selves. It starts with just a few people that know what you do or who know you personally. We have had over four on line campaigns, but we got only a few donations from the very people we knew. also a small financial goal is necessary for you to get a start. I have also noted that, people are abit out of the charity thinking, and this makes it almost impossible. If you want you can pick an idea from our campaign; Best regards to you all, Richard.

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    Hullo all,

    I wanted to chip in a suggestion that, we all seem to be going through the same struggles as we promote our campaigns. couldn't we be doing a better job after succeeding to continue helping the up coming campaigners and the propagation goes on! I seem to see a future of very hard fund raising since it seems it's a hit and run issue. Any one with a successful story of previous campaigns. Our campaign is based in Africa, and we have less means to contribute to developed countries campaigns. If you know some campaigns in say-Uganda, we can be happy to contribute. We request that, you can support us with only 1$ 0r $2 only for our campaign I bet this way we can support each other locally. Kindly send us any comments on this.

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    Hi Everyone we are in the final hours of this campaign on Indiegogo! Check it out learn to play the guitar from $49 with a device that you attach to your own guitar and links to your smartphone!--> already 195% funded!!!

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    Do you have a following on social media?
    What marketing of your campaign will you do?
    What social media platforms will you advertise on?

    People have to know about your campaign. Work on getting pledges from your close network. If they are willing to donate, that is a good sign for your campaign.

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    network kickstart super backers

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