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    Yes, things are important you mentioned there. Great job! Thanks.

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    That's some good Information, But it's pretty much the same thing I've been reading all night.

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    Very helpful and it gave me some fresh idea to do it differently for my next project


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    Quote Originally Posted by Stickyboard View Post
    We are just completing a successful crowdfund campaign and wanted to share an article we did for the Guardian on things to know before you start:
    Very nice article shared by the guardian! Stickyboard, here is another similar article 7 things to consider before crowdfunding. I hope you'll like it.

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    Clear and will proceed as required, thank you for sharing

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    very helpful
    thank you very much!
    .................................................. ..........

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    Interesting. I know I should focus on a site for investors, but until I get enough capital to form a legal company, that is not an option for me. Any thoughts on starting on a donation site and just letting people know you need basic startup costs? That's what I have done at any rate. I am really hoping I can find people interested in tiny house living, the environment, and affordable housing who are willing to donate just $5 to help me get going. The real question is how to reach those people. I am just starting out though. I have to keep trying.

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    nice information,

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    found it in google and quiet helpful

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    thanks for sharing such wonderful information through the article (y)

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