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    ok, thanks.

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    Awesome, THANKS!

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    thanks, very easy to caught what author wants to say

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    These are some of the things you have to know before you start a crowdfunding campaign.

    1) Check if crowdfunding is even right for you. Don't underestimate the cost of crowdfunding, both in terms of human and financial resources. You never get money for free. Crowdfunding is a lot of work and expect to invest considerable time and money into creating a successful campaign.

    2) Over plan even though you canít really plan. Itís hard to know what to expect and difficult to anticipate what sort of reaction your campaign might get.

    3) Consider the nitty-gritty. In this case time really is money and you need to be able to manage things immediately as they come up.

    4) Choose the right platform. Spend time researching different platforms and choose the one thatís right for you.

    5) Get legal. Once youíve decided on the platform, pay attention to the deal. This is especially critical for crowd investing where you might be liable for paying money back in the future.

    6) Learn from others. Take time to check out other successful campaigns and see what worked well for them. Watch their videos, pay attention to the script and let yourself get inspired.

    7) Be annoying. Be prepared to remind people again and again that they want to support you.

    8) Build trust and transparency. People will give if they like the product, like you, and believe in the idea behind it. Being transparent and building trust with the crowd is critical for a successful campaign.

    9) Get early adopters. Get your friends and people you know to invest right away. Once others see that people are investing, they're likely to jump on board.

    10) Get creative with your rewards. Don't have a fancy product or big budget for your rewards? Invite ďbig giversĒ to a home-cooked dinner. Offer something one-of-a-kind that fits your mission or service.

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    right said

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    These tips are very useful. Thanks a lot.
    There is also a great article for newbies to find out all kinds of crowdfunding websites -

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    Thanks for sharing! It will be very helpful for our campaign

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    nice one, it is helpful

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    Thank you for your sharing!

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    Thanks for sharing information.

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