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    Thank you dtoi, really pleased your wife loves my project. If you have any ideas on how I can encourage more backers, please share. Thanks, Kelly

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    Hi BenTristem, thank you for your comment. That is exactly why I am working so hard to try and get more products out there. The feedback I have received has been fantastic with both parents and children reacting positively to the books. I will be absolutely thrilled if I achieve my funding goal as it will mean I can get the next story published this year! If you have any ideas to share on how to encourage more backers, please let me know. Thanks, Kelly

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    Really cool project ... Loved it ... I'm sharing it on facebook & twitter.

    Off-topic: Back our campaign @

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    A very necessity in today's world. Wish you luck.. .

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    That`s an amazing plan! I thing it has to work in the UK, GOD, I wish a lot of British parents read it before do anything with their child!

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    Hi Aryan, than you so much for sharing. Still battling to try and get as much awareness of this project out there for all to see. Kelly

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    Thank you Shubham Nad, absolutely, if you can share my project that would be great. Not many days left now to hit target and still some way to go

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    Hi Levy Torday, exactly that is one of the reasons I started writing my stories. I, myself have found it difficult having a sweet tooth and there was no where near the level of awareness there is now regarding health and the importance of healthy diet. I am extremely conscious of this now and as such am working hard to encourage my children to be aware of it too (hence the books). Just looking to share these out to as many parents as possible. Please share my project to help encourage new backers!

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    Did it all work out? I wanted to see an update on this valuable healthy eating project...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelly Elsworthy View Post
    I would love to increase awareness to more parents of my stories and overall concept through this project that aims to promote healthy eating with children age 3 to 7.

    I am continuing to receive great feedback in relation to the first two books from parents about their children's reactions to the stories and how they are encouraging them to eat a more healthy diet. I have also found many parents commenting on the fact that their children are also more conscious of the importance of looking after their teeth (after seeing the bad condition of the Sugar Shark's teeth from eating too much sugar), which I am thrilled about!

    The project I have set up includes some great packages for backers and there are some fantastic stretch goals that will enable me to put copies of my books into schools for free! If you are interested in supporting me or know anyone who might be, please pass this on. My project information can be found at:
    A great story tho, so sad to see it didn't get funded. Perhaps, many would rather go for the digital copy of the story rather than spending 75 pounds for the black and white. The unrealistic goal ruins a fine campaign! Anyway, any update for the following work?
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