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    Talking Great new project promotes healthy eating with children age 3 to 7!

    I would love to increase awareness to more parents of my stories and overall concept through this project that aims to promote healthy eating with children age 3 to 7.

    I am continuing to receive great feedback in relation to the first two books from parents about their children's reactions to the stories and how they are encouraging them to eat a more healthy diet. I have also found many parents commenting on the fact that their children are also more conscious of the importance of looking after their teeth (after seeing the bad condition of the Sugar Shark's teeth from eating too much sugar), which I am thrilled about!

    The project I have set up includes some great packages for backers and there are some fantastic stretch goals that will enable me to put copies of my books into schools for free! If you are interested in supporting me or know anyone who might be, please pass this on. My project information can be found at:

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    Would really appreciate any feedback as this is the first time I have launched a project in Kickstarter. I have been promoting my project and researching different ways to get my project known so I can increase the chances of more backers. I would really appreciate any feedback from people who have launched their projects and successfully hit target, thank you.

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    Got new backers, every little counts. I really am passionate about getting these books into as many schools as possible for free. So any help or advice on how to encourage more backers of my project would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Kelly

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    Hmm... See that you have 3 backers...have you completely tapped out your friend/family/professional network?
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    Yes that is correct. I am communicating through Facebook (contacts and groups), Twitter (to contacts) and Linked-in (although less so there). The local press have also published an article on my project today.

    I just wonder if I should be posting out the project info onto other forums too, if so do you have any advice on the best ones?

    Kind regards


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    I think your project is awesome and your enthusiasm for your work is great to see. It's very difficult - even if you have a truly worthwhile product being funded. You still have 44 days so you have some time (it goes quickly). Exhaust all of your local options and start reaching out into every imaginable market, press, blog, website, etc. that has to do with your product - health, children/parenting, children's book, early education, the toy (plush toys), etc. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. - You might have to switch wording or take a different focus for each but every little thing counts. Good luck!
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    Looks like there been a lot of time put into this! You may need to get some promotion in order to get interested backers.

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    @kelly - Have you been direct messaging facebook friends or posting status updates? Would highly recommend direct messaging and emailing.

    Clarkm has some good tips!
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    Thank you so much for your positive feedback and ideas. I have been busy finding new forums/websites focussed on healthy eating, parenting websites and forums such as netmums etc and am happily posting away. I will also remember to switch the posts around.

    I have also enlisted some help from a couple of Freelancers on oDesk, but as funds are tight I have to do most of this myself. I also work full-time so having to do this in the evenings (well it is here in the UK).

    I would be thrilled to achieve target.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate your feedback.

    Kind regards


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    Salvador Briggman, I have direct message some friends on FB but to be honest I didn't want to make people feel awkward. I have mainly direct messaged friends who have good connections and I know would be happy to send out to all their contacts. Most of these are sharing through Twitter, FB and Linked-in.

    I will keep going, thanks again for your thoughts/ideas.


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