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Thread: Welcome!

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    Hey guys!

    Just created this forum section impromptu after seeing a lot of messages on the Patreon Community Discussion live feed asking for it:

    Feel free to post your project, ask for feedback, etc.

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    Thanks for posting this Salvador
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    Hey guys,i am new of this forum.This is really nice forum

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    Me too - I'm new and trying to figure it all out. Looks great so far!

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    Hi there,

    Just wanted to introduce myself and thank Salvador for starting this. Looking forward to brainstorming and talking strategy with everyone.

    I'm a radio guy. About 20 years of experience, but everything is up for grabs right now within the industry (and I'd say, on both the commercial and non-commercial sides of the dial).

    Have been working on various solo projects since 2007 (print/web/podcasts) but discrete stories on various topics...that seems to be the form I prefer to work in.

    My intention is to keep pushing my work identity (journalist) locally, with Patreon as another way of doing so. I've taken a bit of an unusual approach to my Patreon page: very small goals, some modest attempts at humor and an explanation about the kind of journalism I'm interested in.

    With my intro video, I employed two non-standard tactics. I want sound to be the focus, since that's what I work with, so I did a screen-capture of the various "visualization" graphics that appear on some media players. I also made my video longer than the recommended length. Only about 2 minutes for the intro, but a collage of past radio work/clips since most people who know me only know about a few stories here and there.

    Bye for now - and thanks for reading!

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    Hi Carrie,

    I looked at your site. Your project and process is intriguing. What tradition does the blend-meditation come from? I'm very gradually learning about the Ottawa in northern Michigan. They offer language lessons to their members and the public, which is one item I've tried to help disseminate more widely in my radio work.

    Bear Lake, MI

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    Hi all,

    I also found my way here via the Facebook group. Looks like a useful kind of forum.


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    I've only subscribed to one Patreon, for an acquaintance who is a comedy actor/playwright/writer, etc., and recently moved from Minneapolis to Los Angeles. I pay $2 per comedy blog post. With that I got a reward of an LOLScrimshaw (his name is Joseph Scrimshaw, and I got a pic of him with a LOLcat theme) and a poem about anything I wanted (I chose giraffes). It's fun to be a part of someone's creativity.

    Here's the Patreon link:

    Very funny guy. Here's his main site:

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    Hi Everyone,

    New to this site - which I found after reading Salvador's very interesting article on Patreon (which I've just joined - see

    Look forward to reading and posting,


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    I've got one too. Two, actually, and I'll probably make a third. Kinda frustrating you need a new account for each one, but I've got three very different projects.
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