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    No mention of Fig?

    I have some serious concerns with Fig, but it should probably be in the discussion.

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    The founders of the platforms that are innovators in this field, will have most knowledge about the subject and can be considered the top experts:

    CrowdCube (Business finance, online investing, crowdfunding for equity : Crowdcube) - experience in UK
    Symbid (Symbid) - experience in the Netherlands
    ASSOB (The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB)) - experience in Australia
    MicroVentures (Angel Investing Private Equity and Crowd funding by Microventures) - experience in US
    Seedrs (Seedrs | Invest In Startups) - experience in UK
    Secondmarket (Next Generation Investment Platform) - experience in US
    IndieGoGo (Indiegogo: An International Crowdfunding Platform to Raise Money) - no experience with equity based, but will offer once SEC is ready
    Fundable (Crowdfunding for Startup Businesses on Fundable) - no experience, will offer as well
    GrowVC (Grow VC) - experience worldwide

    Next to that, the people who have worked on making and pushing the JOBS act in the US, can be considered experts. Two of them are:
    Paul Spinrad (Crowdfunding Law)
    Sherwood Neiss (About Us)

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    Seems Angellist=) But who now, only time will tell.

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    Maybe CircleUp, but more likely, some hot VC that finally recognizes this new funding model.

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    very good post

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    For Reg CF offerings in the US, Wefunder is in the lead.

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