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    No, not at all.

    I fund my serial fiction there. Other people fund blogs, podcasts, vlogs and similar. Any sort of regular online content.


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    Hey isn't there a movie about some guardians coming out soon? Maybe you could piggy back off that wave of media interest.

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    Sorry for the gap in posts everyone! Been busy trying to continue my comic.

    Annika, you'd be surprised how many times my comic gets confused with Guardians of the Galaxy. Even my mom asked me why I call it Guardians when GotG is out there.

    I'll try and hop on the coattails and see if it drums up interest, but for me, I know it'll just come down to making and promoting the comic. I may have good news on that front soon. But until then, it's all about the Patreon. Hope you all will spread the word about it! We're close to $100 per issue!

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    Great Artwork, I really dig the color palette!

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    Hey everyone!

    I have some exciting news, and because of it I'm OVERHAULING my Patreon. Why? Because things have changed, and this will make it easier for our goal to be reached!

    So...what's the news?...I'll let you know later! *maniacal laughter*

    No, seriously, I'm going to update my Patreon, then post the link here along with the good news. I hope I can count on your support!

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    Hello forums members!

    I'm happy to tell you today that work on my comic, Guardians, has officially continued!

    Yes, we're making Guardians #4! I'm very excited for this. To respect the changes we've now gone through, we've overhauled the Patreon.

    Most importantly, we've altered the goals. Our first goal is now only $200 per issue, which means we're only $128 away from reaching it!

    We're going to be posting art from Guardians #4 as it gets made, the first of which can be seen below! I hope you'll consider pledging, even $3 can go a long way for this. And be sure to spread the word! The link to our Patreon is below.

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    Wow, has it really been that long since I posted? I'm sorry! I've been really busy making and promoting this.

    Anyway, here are two fully inked pages from Guardians #4, check them out, then see if you'd like to fund our Patreon. We're only $118 away from goal.

    AND...a special contest to announce. IF we hit our $200 per issue goal, I'm going to make Guardians #0-#3...FREE to own on the Guardians website. Yep, that's correct, all four issues, free to download/view.

    I want Guardians to be read by a lot of people. And to do that, I'm willing to make everything we've done so far free to own. So if you can help me, if you can pledge $3 to our Patreon, and spread the word to others to do the same, I'd be grateful. Me and my artist really want to continue this series, with your help, we can get there. Here's the link, and enjoy the pages!

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    Hey everyone! I'm trying to keep the post more frequent, and so I'll try and show off a page a day for as long as I can manage!

    So here's the next of hopefully many pages, would love to know what you think, and be sure to pledge to our Patreon if you think Guardians is worth your time! If you need more convincing, check out our FREE prologue issue, Guardians #0!

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    Hey guys! As promised, here's another page from Guardians #4! Hope you like it!

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    Very cool, good luck guys.

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