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    Thank you! I appreciate that! We have a free prologue issue if you want to read the comic to see what you think. Link is on the Patreon.

    After a small delay, sorry about that, I have the next page of Guardians #4 to reveal! Enjoy! And please consider pledging to our Patreon!

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    One of those characters looks like you
    “The highest distinction is service to others.”

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    I'm curious, which one do you think looks like me?

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    great information for reading by everyone. hope to read more intereting sceipt in your next post.

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    Not sure what you mean Noday.

    On a positive note, we're official into the coloring stages of our comic!

    And be sure to try and help us with our Patreon! All we're asking is for $3 a person. So if 56 people pledge that per comic we're funded!

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    Hey everyone, big news!

    I'm happy to announce that Guardians #4, the next issue of my comic, is coming out on November 3rd! And to celebrate, and help you all out, I'm offering a special promotion.

    If we reach our goal of $200 per issue BEFORE our November 3rd release, I'll make Guardians #1-#3 FREE for everyone to read! Guardians #0 is already free, so that means you'll essentially get 5 comics for the price of pledging to our Patreon. Which I honestly want to be $3, the standard price of a comic.

    So what do you say? That sound cool? I really could use your help, and who doesn't love free comics?

    Anyway, here's the link, and some new colored art for Guardians, I hope you'll consider pledging, and spreading the word!

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    Hello again everyone! Two pieces of news, first off, I have another page from Guardians #4 to show you.

    Second, I did some math (after making some mistakes) and found out that if we get 37 people to pledge $3 we're funded! So what do you say? Think you can spare $3 an issue for a great comic? I know you won't regret it, especially with the first four issues becoming FREE once we hit our goal!

    Here's the link, make your pledge, then spread the word!

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    Hello again everyone, we still need 37 people to pledge $3 to our Patreon. Will you be one of them? If so click the link below and pledge, then share the link to spread the word! We've added a new contest as well, from now on, for every 5 backers, one will get a signed copy of Guardians #0! So make your pledge today and help this indie comic continue! Oh, and here's another page from Guardians #4!

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    Hey everyone! It's official, Guardians #4 has been released! And I can't be happier with how it turned out. Feel free to check it out, along with the rest of our series. Right now, the entire series is only $6, that's for five issues too.

    Now, in regards to the Patreon, we're doing a bunch of new contests to try and entice people to join up. So to explain everything that's going on, both with the Patreon and the comic, I did a video to inform you all of the new developments. Check it out, then click on the links below to go to the pages to either pledge or stay informed!

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    This look promising
    One day you'll gonna look back and say ...hey,

    I supported this. Hidden Content

    My Patreon Name is Meowfie! I cant put link yet i need 10 more post hahahaha Hidden Content

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