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    I also think crowdfunding is way better.

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    crowdfunding is truly better

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    reit investing seems less risky in my opinion...

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    I personally like crowdfunding than RIETs,crowdfunding is better!.

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    I prefer real estate crowdfunding to REITs and here are couple of reasons why:

    1) Using RE crowdfunding you can choose which projects you would like to invest in
    2) In RE crowdinvesting you can enjoy the benefit of allocating your money by investing in many different properties, earn rental and take advantage of capital appreciation
    3) Investing in REITs is the same as giving your money to a fund manager, just the underlying asset happens to be real estate, thus I don't consider it as investing in real estate

    These are just couple of points why real estate crowdfunding/crowdinvesting seems better for be than REIT.

    Just recently I came across to the site called BitOfProperty ( ). Their concept is quite good. You can invest in after-market real estate with little capital. Allocate your money in order not to bet everything on one property. Also, you can sell you investment whenever you want to other investors on the platform, which increase liquidity that you normally don't get in real estate investment.
    Also, the name is quite catchy, as you on Bit Of property1, Bit Of property2 etc. They also have a blog. There are currently just two posts, but it seems that more content is on the way .

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