Just signed up on patreon as a creator a while ago. Still did not post jet.

But do have to admit that have some concerns about the flexibility and choice that creators and users have.
1. For example can someone shear and sign up for creating multiple content? Like video games, yoga, music, dancing or any other relevant form of education, entertainment or what so ever?
2. If yes can someone who wants to support whit his pledges, can he pick only one for of those creations, like video games for example from a producer that works in different areas?
3.Let's say one does yoga or music only? Can he or she who wants to support pick to ether watch and plague only one type of content? Let's say only recorded stuff or live?
4. Is it possible that someone could not be limited on the lover site of the invested amount?
5. Like for instence there might be a limit to one dollar on the minimum amount possible to pladge.Wouldn't it make alot more sense if someone that wants to support multiple artists could pledge rather than to one artist the one unit per creation rather 100 cents to 100 different people per creation? In terms of connecting people it might make a massive difference?
6. Whit respect to the management, but how many people aware that in some countries people do earn less that 1 USD per hour and there for how tough it must be for some of them to actually support or donate? Could, has, would or will removing limitations give creators and users more freedom of choice, more oppurtunitys, more flexibility and the ability to connect to each other on an more profound level?
7. What about pledging one song out of ten whit "x" amount instead of pledging ten whit "y" amount? Would that feel much better to the consumer? And wouldn't it create an much better Picture for the average producer about what people like more?
8. If almost the whole web and advertising system on the net can work whit 0.x cents would it be more fair to allow the same freedom for an regular user to?

Do we want to be like cows in the stable or rather more like birds escaped form the net?

Might not want to judge what is if don't really fully understand what is not.