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    Great thread!
    I had not heard of this before now so I have found it very useful indeed.

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    Thanks for the thread! I have a patreon of my own based around a webcomic I run. It only has scant support so far, but every little bit helps.

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    Thanks for this. Community engagement is so important to know if youre going in the right direction.
    Please take our rewards survey here: Hidden Content

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    One of the biggest differences between Patreon and other popular crowdfunding platforms is the fact that you arenít marketing a product in the traditional sense. Instead, success stems from your ability to market yourself as a content creator.
    Thus to attract patrons, you must be able to demonstrate that you can provide content worth supporting.
    For this reason, interacting with fans and potential patrons through videos, messages, and photos should be a major priority.

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