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    Quote Originally Posted by Shane Liddell View Post
    You may find this quote quite enlightening:



    Facebook drives 3x more traffic to a campaign than Twitter does and generates almost 30x more traffic than all the blogs combined."
    How do you get more repost on Facebook

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    Who’s going to write about your project? Which widely distributed media outlet writes about a topic you’re in all the time? Get a reporter’s ear by tweeting at them and promise them the exclusive, which means you let nobody else know but them. This will guarantee that at least you will be written up. The next step is work with them to launch the article whenever your project goes live, obviously this is when it would be most effective for both the reporter and you. It makes the piece newsworthy and it gets you eyeballs on the page. That means that you do not wait until the project goes live to start doing press outreach – please do not do that.

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    Thank you. I have identified 10 bloggers in Atlanta that are aligned in the Entertainment Industry and reached to them via email with a press release. Your post here has helped me take it to the next level.

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    Thanks for all the resources and asking this question (:

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    Try these tips to be Connected To People Who Search Products & Services you. know How
    Reporting Adjustments · Sales With AdWords · Choose your Budget

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    This was a great article! I plan on launching my kickstarter in a few weeks and this is great perspective from the blogger side. thanks!

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    Nice post and nice answers as well! thanks

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    Great suggestions, thanks for sharing!

    Another thing apart from building rapport with bloggers is providing social proof.

    It is highly more likely that someone will read and cover your story if someone else has already. That's why small niche blogs are not only good at driving targeted traffic but also serve as social proof for the bigger sites.

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    Good to know. Blogs are truely help to grab attention towards our campaign.

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    I hadn't thought of this before. I'll definitely have to look into this

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