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    By the way, some European P2P Platforms are listed in the article here.

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    Thanks for sharing this, good post! LendUp also is a good site.

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    This has been very helpful, thanks for posting this.

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    Any of the sites fund OUTSIDE the USA or are they exclusively ''Americain''

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    Thank you, this is a good list. Some are UK only? I have looked into the lending club but would be interested in hearing any real world reviews on the list

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    I have used Zopa and can highly recommend the service in terms of how secure I felt, particularly down to the guarantee fund they advertise. Does Lending Club, etc do the same thing?

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    I have borrowed on prosper, and used the money to invest on the platform since my interest rate 18+% has consistently been above my borrowing rate 7%. It was a very simple process, particularly the second time around.

    I recommend investing first so that people can see that you are part of the community. I also recommend taking a small loan making some payments, and then asking for more. Most of us look for repeat borrowers with good payment histories. Finally, join lender club, a private group comprised mostly of vets. If Brian lets you join, he will interview you, and then recommend to his community that they help you. He has a great track record. But don't abuse his kindness, or a gajilion military commandos might come a knockin'.

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