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    Thank you for sharing. Lots of research on my end

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    CircleBack Lending

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    We just published a simple platforms comparison tool. Hope you find it useful.

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    Great post thanks for postings

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    Thank you very much for the useful info. It's very much appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by irentrides View Post
    Try www. It not just peer to peer lending but it opens a avenue for peer to peer investing.

    With I rent rides (com) All you need is a $2,500 investment to get 2 cars on the road that will be rented. comes with GPS tracking of each car so you can track them on your phone or computer 24/7

    Let say each car rents for $300 per week $60 per day
    I rent rides take 50% of the income and manage booking and maintenance of your cars

    So Lets say from your 2 cars you are making
    $300 per week ( without doing anything)
    $1200 per month
    $14,400 per year

    Not enough to quit your day job. Well lets see what happens if you reinvest or double, your start up investment
    With a $5,000 investment
    $600 per week
    $2400 per month
    28,800 per year
    I went and checked out the website. It's a normal car rental company. No P2P investment available.

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    Nice list.

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    Are they are really great site? are they provide best services?

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    Thank you!

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