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    4 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid During Your Crowdfunding Project

    When used right social media can be a great way to promote your crowdfunding campaign. It is recommended that you prepare your outreach strategy, set up accounts and gain contacts about 3 to 6 months before launching for best results.

    Well-planned communication via social media should have information about your campaign, your story, create and maintain interest in your project, and create a brand identity by showing your knowledge and interest in your industry. When used the wrong way, social media can undermine your success by making you seem unprofessional and unorganized. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid when using social media to promote your crowdfunding project:

    1) Starting late

    As I mentioned before, 3 to 6 months before launching is the standard preparation time for effective social media outreach. Throwing together a Facebook page with a link to your project and a quick description on launch day would be less than effective. Pages with few connections and hardly any content do not make it seem like the creators have spent a lot of time preparing to attract people to their dream project.

    Instead of waiting until your campaign starts to engage people on social media, tell them ahead of time what your project will do for them! Make sure they know when you are launching, and encourage them to pledge early (since you have limited backer levels). Share things about your journey, things that you like, anything that will make people think you are genuinely interesting and want to help you out!

    2) Only promoting yourself

    Having said that, you should keep in mind that taking over people’s news feeds with constant pleas to back or share your campaign can come across as annoying and desperate. In order to achieve the right balance of content, it is recommended that you should post at a 4:1 ratio – 4 random posts (industry news and other things your target audience would find interesting, for example) and 1 post about your project.

    In the post, 9 Kickstarter Social Media Marketing Tips From Guy Kawasaki, Salvador Briggman suggests:

    “Be the first person to find the great content and share it with your audience. It shows that you understand your company’s sector and are in-tune with the shifts happening in the industry. You can find great content by setting up Google Alerts or creating an Alltop account.”

    When it comes to your own project, try not to always post the same message. It is best to switch between general pitches and requests for shares, updates on your progress, goals you have reached, and any other fun or creative things you can think of to motivate people to keep coming back to your page!

    3) Using the wrong platform (or not enough … or too many)

    Another mistake that can affect your efforts to raise awareness of your crowdfunding project on social media is using the wrong platform, or focusing on the wrong amount. Choosing the right platform for your project depends on a few different factors, including who your target audience is and what kind of project you are promoting. Facebook, Twitter and Linked in seem to be a standard set that people focus on because of the large number of users connected to these networks, how easy it is to share information and interact with large numbers or one-on-one.

    Sometimes it is better to focus on 1 or 2 platforms though; for instance, if you are targeting an older audience Facebook and LinkedIn may be better than Twitter, whose users tend to be younger. This PewResearch Social Media Update in 2013 shows demographics of users on different social media sites including gender, age, racial, education, income, and environment information, which can be helpful in deciding what platform works best for your project. Finally, other platforms like Instagram, Reddit, YouTube and Pinterest can be useful for projects that involve sharing picture or video, are pretty, novel, or tailor to more specific audiences.

    4) Ignoring interaction

    Social media’s primary purpose is in the name – it allows us to be social. That being said, no one wants to visit a crowdfunding project’s Facebook page and find that they come to a door that only opens one way. Remembering to reply to questions and comments will go a long way in showing people that you are a likeable, real person who is worth giving their money to and who they can trust to come through on promises made.

    The next step would be encouraging interaction! Chomp & Chop is doing a good job of this on Facebook; they are preparing to launch a Kickstarter project for a tailgate accessory and have been encouraging fans to vote on the name of the product (the name with the most votes at the end of their campaign will win). Remember that people on social media expect (and respect) interaction, and you should be ready to check, update, and respond to people on your accounts regularly.


    Even though planning and executing a successful social media plan for your crowdfunding campaign can seem like a big commitment, if done properly it can pay off a lot in the end. It will require a lot of time and engagement but can help drive traffic to your campaign and encourage people to back your project. For more information on this topic check out my previous post 3 Tips for Maximizing Social Media Effectiveness.

    Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!
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    Good tips. I would also set some kind of goal. Is your social media activity meant to draw people to a landing page for them to enter their email to express their interest?

    Is your goal to drive traffic to your actual campaign page? Is it to get more followers?

    Depending on what your goal is, that will affect your strategy, what you share, and how you can interact with other users on social media to accomplish that goal.
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    I like "Ignoring Interaction". People see a Like or a Favorite and think that's it. ENGAGE THEM!
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    yes, i totally agree with your all points, you have to engage and informed people about your project 3 to 6 month before... through this way you can get best results...

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    Thanks for the info.

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    If you engage on many social network platforms at the same time, it may be difficult to get good results. This is one mistake that many people do.

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    Hey, cool tips.

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    Those are really useful tips. Thanks for sharing!

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    One thing I've learned (admittedly the hard way) is if you're gonna spam, target the audience and engage the ones who you get a response from. It is a cheap tactic, but it does work.

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    Very helpful - thanks for sharing

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