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    Crowdfunding Industry Forum VIP Program (free promotion)


    What the VIP Status Will Get You

    Free promotion
    1. 75.2k followers - Tweeted out 3 times on CrowdFundingBB for a total of 225.6k reach.
    2. 3,000+ Subscribers - Mention in Weekly CrowdCrux Newsletter
    3. Interview on regarding your company or services.
    4. Link Under "Other Cool Sites" (Now reads, "Other Cool Forums") for 15 days.
    5. Shared on CrowdfundingForum Facebook.

    Who Qualifies?
    - Crowdfunding Project Creators (Kickstarter/Indiegogo)
    - Crowdfunding platforms and software tools.
    - Crowdfunding consultants and lawyers.
    - Crowdfunding investors
    - Crowdfunding educators (bloggers/podcast)

    Who Does Not Qualify?
    - Crowdfunding promotion companies (must be a consultant that manages campaigns).

    - You must hit the 50 posts made mark (non-spammy and not just one-word posts). You can do this by creating threads sharing news articles, helpful articles (NOT self-promotion), cool projects, or responding to existing threads.

    - If you already have 50 posts on the forum, you must hit your current number of posts +50 to qualify for this promotion.
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    Aug 2014
    Thank you so much Sal for this wonderful offer... Thanks again.

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    Charlotte, NC
    Love this Salvador, always great giving back to the crowdfunding community, as more education is needed for everyone!

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    how do I use it.

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    @Winston - The rules and requirements are in the first post of this thread.
    @Roy Morejon - Thanks!
    @Sana Musa Farooqi - Definitely!
    Crowdfunding Tips: Hidden Content
    Crowdfunding News: Hidden Content

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    Hi Salvador,

    This promo offer is a major step up from the previous one-time one-tweet 75K offer. The exposure it will give is appealing. I particularly like the interview and being mentioned in the newsletter.

    The number of tweets is still low because 3 times over 75K can easily be overlooked depending on the time of the day, the day, etc. I would like to suggest at least bi-weekly for a month (8 total). It is possible to use Twuffer or TweetDeck to schedule tweets. No hassle for you.

    Why not 30 days for the link under "Other Cool Sites"? It doesn't cost you more and it is suggested to run campaigns for 30 days or less anyway.

    I would like to suggest a "Salvador Briggman's pick" where you select your favourite amongst the campaigns participating to this promo and offer extra exposure. Let's say a project that you like, has potential to succeed but needs help to do so.


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    This is awesome, might be a few weeks into my campaign that i reach it, but I'll be going for it!

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    hmmmm gonna have start working towards that
    Homeless In Pa

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    Sep 2014
    Wow, that's a great deal considering I love to comment anyway. I'll be in touch after I launch and get my 50. Thanks for the help, Sal!

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    New Oxford, PA
    WOW Great offer. Hope I can make the mark before it ends.

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