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    This was a great help...Thanks!

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    Sampert - what did your Command Partners campaign cost and what dd they do?

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    Interesting comments here.

    I see many here who say do the crowdfunding marketing yourself?!? Unless you are qualified to do so then my advice is DON'T.

    There is a reason why people specialize in Marketing and Digital marketing. They have served their time to learn their trade and many have spent 10's of thousands of dollars of ad budgets gaining experience.

    Others think they can suddenly become effective Facebook advertisers without gaining the experience. That's no different to thinking you can be a great car mechanic without any experience or training. Would you do that yourself? I doubt it.

    Want to know why Facebook love new inexperienced marketers/advertisers? Because they make the most profits from these people who experiment, not knowing what they are doing.

    A free tip regarding Facebook advertising straight from the horses mouth - you know those things that say "recommended" while you are creating an ad on Facebook? Well ignore them.
    Shane Liddell
    Smart Crowdfunding LLC
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    Yourself! Nothing is more convincing or genuine than getting an email or phone from you directly telling me about your project.

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