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    348 = Competitions = Emails = Campaign checker
    Hidden Content - Free diagnostic tool, run your Campaign url today

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    Also I'd add also a tool for creating projects, add and assign tasks, uploading documents and planning - Basecamp for Managing Teammates and Documents.

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    thanks for the links!
    I'm also using Mailchimp...the only "sad" thing is the limit of 2000 contacts...except this it's a great service!

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    Such a great post to know different useful information.

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    This is a nice and informative post Thanks!

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    In addition, here are some more awesome tools to use for Crowdfunding:
    Kyle Tummonds - Customer Advocate
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    Thrinacia Inc.
    The CrowdFunding Infrastructure. Build, customize and operate CrowdFunding Websites, Widgets and Applications. Integrate with advanced CrowdFunding REST API's.

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