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    Seedling Footwear - Made out of Hemp and Organic Canvas and Very stylish!

    Seedling Footwear
    Seedlings grow from darkness in soil upwards to break the surface and reach light. In each our own way, we are all trying to do the same.
    For EVERY PAIR of shoes purchased, we will plant 5 trees! Help us on our goal to plant 100,000 trees!

    Leave a lasting "Footprint" on the environment!

    MANY of our natural forests are in desperate need help! Our forests play an important role in "filtering" our atmosphere. We are cutting down trees for all types of manufacturing more than ever! With the help from everyone, we have set a goal to plant 100,000 trees! Become a contributor today and make your mark!

    Our shoes are made out of HEMP and ORGANIC CANVAS and use NO ANIMAL products!

    You shouldn't have to chose between style, and the environmental impact, so we have designed a very STYLISH shoe, that rewards the environment!

    Even our packaging is made out of recycled cardboard, and is repurposeable.

    PRODUCT - Seedling Footwear.

    Eco-Friendly: Constructed from HEMP and organic canvas. Our packaging uses recycled cardboard and is designed specifically so that after you take your shoes out, you can be repurposed the box as a drawer for misc. item, even stack em!

    No Animal Products: Our shoes are Vegetarians! There are no animal products used in the making of our shoes!

    Style: Take a look for yourself... these are stylin'!

    Attachment 289
    Attachment 290
    Attachment 291 (*Unlocked if we surpass $25,000*)
    Attachment 292 (*Unlocked if we surpass $25,000*)


    Attachment 293

    What We Need & What You Get

    We are reaching out to you in need of final funding for this project.

    We have done 100's of drawings, and the final drawing has been decided upon. The manufacture's have been contacted, and we have signed the contracts to lock in our pricing.

    As a contributor you will receive fun and cool rewards with contributions! You will ALSO be listed as a "priority" customer, and receive these shoes 1 month before the public!

    For your help, ALL contributors providing $25 or more will be listed on our website as a "member" of Seedling Footwear.

    If we do not raise our target goal, you will NOT be charged. ( We hope this is not the case!)

    The Impact of Seedling Shoes!

    Leave more than just your "footprint" , join forces with Seedling Footwear and help us on our mission to plant 100,000 trees. For every pair of shoes sold, we are going to plant atleast 5 trees!

    Seedling shoes are constructed of Organic Canvas, and use NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS. This means our shoes are Vegans!

    We have also chosen to use 100% Recycled cardboard packiging for the shoes, as well as the tissue paper inside the boxes being 100% recycled!

    Other Ways You Can Help

    Any amount helps! We hope that you are willing to help support our project, and our goal to reduse, reuse, and recycle .
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    Really like the design and wish you the best of luck.

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    new york
    Wow.. these designs of seedling footwear are just awesome. i was looking for shoes but now I could choose from these as per my suitability and budget as well. If you have more designs you could share it at this platform.
    Click this url..
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    Wow, I'd love to meet you. I'm CALM Skin Care and really believe in what your doing and live in Chicago!

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    I hope you reach your goal! I contributed!

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