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    Quote Originally Posted by Casual Dragon Games View Post
    My project has received at least 20 maybe 30 different random emails from people claiming to be experts in funding projects. Usually I send a return comment to all emails but these I just ignore.
    I'm assuming you launched you project on Indiegogo?

    We have access to some of our clients dashboards when their campaigns are live, we see this all the time. For every new campaign launched it appears that there are over 10 of these 'sales' comments within the first 24 hours. Everyone from the guy sitting in his bedroom, through to many Fiverr gigs are offering their services by spamming.

    I have (on several occasions) approached IGG about this spamming issue. At one point they introduced a "Report as Spam" button on comments which seemed like a great idea. This was either during Q4 2012 or early 2013. However, I think they got far too many spam reports and at the time didn't have the staff to handle them.

    Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer beware!
    Shane Liddell
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    I have been cotact today from PR Guru Team . I send them to walk out .

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    Absolutely useless service

    Quote Originally Posted by mr troop View Post
    Just to keep this one up to date, I also have been scammed by Sean Abel and Tim Gorman from Crowd PR Guru

    They have taken $495 of my money for a crappy looking press release which that linked to me on a no name website.

    Scam Scam Scam keep away from these.
    These guys are completely useless. They promise so much but deliver nothing. They are slow to respond to emails and when they do it is a canned message with no substance. It took at least 3 attempts to get some decent press releases.

    After weeks, I finally got them to give me the analytics link to see the progress. It showed nothing of value. Worst of all is that they claim to do targeted marketing, but the press release for our animal sanctuary campaign was picked by a bogus looking dog training site and a raw food system site. I mean, how are these sites relevant to our cause? The sites looked completely bogus. Not surprisingly, we got only 22 clicks in 6 weeks:

    After complaining about this, Anthony Barnard the owner replied:

    "Please understand that PR is very time-consuming using and difficult work. We offer rates far lower than anyone else and do twice the amount of work. That being said, we cannot guarantee our contacts are going to actually produce articles or donate to your campaign. Regardless of the outlets that posted about your campaign, we were still able to get you coverage. Please understand that we are trying our best with what we have."



    I wrote back:

    Anthony and Tim,

    Can you please stop bullshitting us here.

    Our patience has run out and we are tired of your weak and deflective responses.

    Your web site clearly promotes:

    Get Massive Media Coverage!

    And then under the plan we chose you promise:

    Custom Media Targeting

    You have failed on both these core values that you sell your services with.

    Looking at our campaign tracking link tonight, we have only 22 clicks, but the quality of those links or whether they are even real people is not substantiated. Please explain to me how 22 clicks is "MASSIVE MEDIA COVERAGE"?

    Next, you keep telling us that you are custom targeting our campaign and yet the only evidence you can provide for this is a dog training web site and a bogus raw food systems site, both of which are practically invisible on Alexa.

    The campaign is clearly meant to be targeted to websites related to animal welfare, animal rights, veganism, and sanctuaries, and both of these sites are not related. The raw food web site in particular is ridiculous.

    We don't want to hear your excuses anymore. You have failed us and I am sure nothing will come of your services, because you have shown to us that you are not at all interested in our success.

    Just be honest and admit that you are taking money from people and offering nothing of value in return. We both feel cheated and want to take legal action to claim our money back, money that we cannot afford to waste. $495 is practically 6 weeks of wages in Colombia.


    We feel we have wasted our valuable time waiting on you to provide results, but it is not happening.

    Now don't come back to me and say, "We don't guarantee success" when that is NOT WHAT WE ARE ASKING HERE.

    What we want to see is what you have boldly promised on your site:



    You have not done this and you know it. Whatever you are doing is not working and now I can see why your business has received so many negative reviews.

    It is scams like this that damage the trust of well-meaning people trying to do good in the world.

    We want a full refund or our attorneys in Washington DC will take legal action against your business.

    ========= 9 Days went by with no reply, so I wrote again.....

    Anthony and Tim,

    Why are you ignoring our emails?

    How do you sleep at night, knowing you are cheating people with hype and no actual results?

    Do you understand the law of karma? Do you realise your cheating will come back to bit you in the ass!?

    We want our money back!

    You have wasted our valuable time and stolen our money that we need to feed our animals.

    Shame on you.

    - Paul

    ======== 1 day later, Anthony replies:

    "Listen Paul, Juliana, I am personally very sorry that things didn't go the way you wanted. I did not want to upset you in anyway. PR is a risky business, it's hit or miss. As you may well understand the financial decisions of others is impossible to make and as much as I want your animal farm to succeed, we really tried to push for the best media coverage we could. If you where thinking about relaunching your campaign, I could help you out with it."

    ==========I replied...


    Your system obviously does not work. You are promising what you can't deliver on.

    I spent like $80 on a GreenInBox campaign and have made $3000 in donations. That is value for money.

    We are disappointed and feel cheated.

    You say you tried hard, but where is the evidence? The analytics link Time sent me shows nothing of value.

    At the very least, you should have copied us on every single media outlet you contacted. But no, you just expect us to trust you.

    You can't do business like that. There are too many scams on the internet, and the way you have failed us makes us believe your service is also a scam.

    To earn our respect, we would like our money back. Otherwise, you can expect us to be yet another unhappy client that criticises your services.

    Can you sleep with that?


    We have not heard from them since.

    DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. Everyone should complaing to Kickstarter and IndieGoGo about them so that they can alert their customers about such assholes.

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    Add this one to the list too:

    Here is one to avoid: Too many tell tale signs of BS all over there website. Not exactly the brightest light bulb in the box either.

    Their homepage says:

    "We are a team of five online marketers passionate about targeted marketing. Very targeted marketing."

    but their 'about us' section says this: "We are a team of four online marketers, with MBAs from top institutes, passionate about targeted marketing."

    They have since corrected this since it was pointed out to them.

    Top MBA's? Hmm..... if this is the case then their use of English on their site is terrible.

    They have campaigns under their "success stories" which go back years so it's impossible that they played any part in the success of any campaigns that they claim.

    This domain was registered on Feb 6th

    Whois Server Version 2.0

    Domain names in the .com and .net domains can now be registered
    with many different competing registrars. Go to
    for detailed information.

    Registrar: FASTDOMAIN, INC.
    Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 1154
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Name Server: NS1.BLUEHOST.COM
    Name Server: NS2.BLUEHOST.COM
    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Updated Date: 06-feb-2015
    Creation Date: 06-feb-2015
    Expiration Date: 06-feb-2016

    Yet another fraudulent entrant to this space but with a little investigation they are quite easy to spot.
    Shane Liddell
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    Thank you for the warning, I will let others know.

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    A question: If you were debating using them then how come you are listed as their Marketing Director on their webiste? As the "Marketing Director' of Kickrank you should not be spamming this forum with you pro posts!

    jwilliams7 replied to a thread Why go with Kickstarter or IndieGoGo ? in General Crowdfunding Questions + Discussion
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    That is unfortunate that you all feel that way about them. I really like They actually did everything and got me more backers. Some...
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    There are alot of BS crowdfunding marketing offers. I used They are really good and affordable. Got guaranteed backers and they have...
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    jwilliams7 replied to a thread SmartCrowdfunding - Scam or Bad PR Company? or just both in General Crowdfunding Questions + Discussion
    Smart crowdfunding may be good. I was debating about using them with crowdfunding services. KickRank is more affordable and actually did...
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    jwilliams7 replied to a thread Anyone have experience with BackersHub? in General Crowdfunding Questions + Discussion
    BackersHub was just ok. I like using They really helped my campaign and they provide guaranteed backers. Great team and always replies...
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    As a new member(March 12th) it is clear to see your intentions (or desperation)
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    are any of these types of places not scams

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    wow thanks for the information i just released my campaign yesterday... I have been looking around to promote it, I was looking into them, thanks a lot saved my life!

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    I just posted this in response to another PR thread:

    "I've tried 'em (PR firms) often and are usually disappointed. They give it the old razz-ma-tazz but seldom deliver. Here's how I'd do it FNO - (from now on):

    Set up an x / y matrix. x is the reader/viewership and y is the 'exposure (column inches, video views, etc) for pre-determined $. If they produce what they say they can produce they get paid - if not , they don't. It's real simple - it's called an 'ascertainable standard'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PRteam View Post
    Hello, this is the PR Guru Team! We wanted to add some value to this conversation based on our crowdfunding & PR experiences. We also wanted to take this opportunity to respond to the claims made above by user "blessings".

    Blessings, we're sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with the results of our PR efforts as well as your crowdfunding campaign. Although we've had a lot of success on Kickstarter & Indiegogo, this was the first time we worked on a campaign like yours (an iPad based digital fashion and lifestyle magazine). Although we think its a great idea (heck our media assistant Jessica was even going to order herself a copy!), it obviously did not have the marketing strategy in place to go from 100 to the 70,000.00 goal you were looking to hit, especially during the holidays. Regardless, you have a great magazine and we wish you the best of luck with it!

    NOTE: Obviously not every campaign launched on Kickstarter or Indiegogo is successful, but we promise that every campaign we take on gets the same proven methods that our biggest successes have enjoyed. With our service you're getting the same experienced team, methods, and efforts put into your project that have landed other projects on the front pages of the top newspapers, blogs, and media outlets in the USA. We stand by our service and the industry approved techniques we use to help crowdfunders access the most cost effective PR and exposure out there.

    How to avoid scams: Yes, unfortunately there are many companies in India promoting 'press release' services nowadays. But these scams are pretty easy to spot. Always check the following: Are they a registered company? Does the address look legitimate? Do they have a registered 1-800 number to call? Does their website have an "https://" secure lock symbol next to the website address? These are just some basics pointers when shopping around for the best services.

    Happy holidays everyone, and best of luck with your projects!

    -PR Guru Team
    Whatever you say you know as I am sure you do that you are crooks, thieves and I will make it my mission in Life at 67 after you swallowed half of my Social Security under false pretense to get you out of business. I promise you that.
    You never replied to any of my e-mails without a week delay and an excuse... Your writing sucks! A third grader would know how to write better. Then after doing nothing, when within 2 days i discover this forum and it was a weekend when you don't even work [Kickstarter does not close on weekends!] you say that because you are in California even though we had not even signed an agreement there is NO Refund!!! I asked you a couple days ago to at least refund half since you have doneNOTHing and you have not bothered even replying! You THIEF... We will get you, we will close you down. Ara
    You have no conscience and what a shame that I did not see this Forum before you sucked me in your scam.
    You are at the bottom of the pit in the Human Race...
    I will be back here with my story soon which truly is a very simple one.
    Shame on you... I am contacting the Santa Monica Police Force right now and Court. I am in Texas but if I have to come to California for small claims court I will. We will close your business down you scam artist!

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