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    I would appreciate your help with trying to get home to my dying gran

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    Hi Muder, I will be very grateful to help me spread the word about my indiegogo campaign for eye make-up tool:

    I will definitely try to return the favor!

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    I would appreciate your help with my project. We need you to be a part of shaping this campaign, we need you to give students the opportunity to learn financial and entrepreneurship education, to prepare them for a better future! Our goal this year is to reach more and more youth across villages and low-income communities, to teach them financial education and entrepreneurial thinking through fantastic courses and summer camps.

    Let’s support youth financial education and entrepreneurial thinking! Details here:

    Thank you!

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    My Name is Michael Basco (I added you on Facebook btw!) and I am a part of an A Capella group called "VoiceBox" at the University of Central Florida. We are brand new and we already have accomplished 5 times other groups have in all of UCF history. We have been held back by a multitude of factors and this is our hail mary to finish our year strong. We've competed in SOJAM, a festival where 6 of the top groups in the country are selected to compete, another festival in Miami called the All Roads Festival where about only 5 are selected, and recently placed 1st in our International Championship of Colligiate A Capella (the competition from PITCH PERFECT) and we are now planning to pay our debts we have collected in participating in these fears. We also are planning to record an EP and tour the east coast with this kickstarted! It's amazing that you support many projects! All I ask is that you can support us in anyway possible whether backing or sharing our Kickstarter! Any support possible is much appreciated! Thank you so much!

    Michael Basco
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    Hi @Muder, your offer is very noble and it is very nice from you to share projects. We do have one on IndieGogo, and we aim at proposing one of the most affordable desktop 3d printers, that every school, office or home could have.
    We would really appreciate if you could share our project.
    If you need some support for anything, let us know as well.
    Have a great day ahead.
    Rapide 3D

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    I would love for you to back my Reddit short stories. They're going to be fun, and also incredibly cheap for you. Any donation would mean the world to me. Thanks!

    My Patreon

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    Hello there! I would appreciate a lot if you could back or share my friend's project:
    He is really motivated about his architecture work and his future, that's why I am trying to support him with all I have got (even if that is not a lot).

    Thank you in advance!

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    I'd love your opinion!
    please check out my project on and make any comments? We're interested to hear your feedback.

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    Congrats on your project!

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    Hello, my name is Justin Landers, I am a concert photographer and veteran who just recently lost his job. I want to buy a van and travel the country shooting as many shows as possible in as many venues as possible: here is a press release I typed up:

    Justin Landers
    March 9, 2015
    Orlando, Florida
    Concerts Across The Country

    Justin Landers is a Concert photographer, and landscape enthusiast. An artist with a wide variety of cameras. He loves traveling, visiting new places, seeing the world. He loves seeing new band’s perform, at different venues, under different lighting. He loves to see different groups come on stage. The challenge of capturing that brief moment of unique individual creativity released by the band is uplifting as he attempts to harness that moment in time.

    The challenge of being awake for that sunrise, with the camera on the tripod as the sun gleams over the mountain-all to capture that moment of beauty. To savor that moment. That moment when the sun finally sets against the coast and you use that last little light to bring out the stunning colors in the sky. That season of fall, the colors red that moment of peace as the leaves begin to fall. To capture all of that through a lens, and share breathe taking views that will make you feel like you are there! THAT is the goal!

    All of these moment’s are Justin’s passion, and he desires to bring them to you. He has covered a list of bands stretching wide and deep in all aspects of music from hip hop and rap to rock, country, jazz, indie, electronic and more. He has shot sunrises, sunsets, the grand canyon, and more, but he is always seeking more, looking for the next adventure.

    He wants to travel full time-to see the whole country. To do so a Rv style conversion van will be purchased and used to travel the country shooting as many bands as possible and as much landscape as possible, and bringing it to the masses. To help you see what you miss when you don’t go beyond your city, to help show you the world has so much to offer, and to bring you a nice solid collection of images that capture beauty and make you stop in awe. Something that no amount of money can buy, but something that you can help provide to yourself, and hundreds of thousands of other people. Find out how below:

    A Indiegogo project has been launched in order to allow the funds necessary to make traveling a full time journey-the start up costs-buying a vehicle, setting it up to live in, to travel the country, shooting these landscape images, as well as these concerts, capturing those moments.

    Below are some words from Justin regarding the trip and how funds will be used.

    “You can’t get anything for free” Is a very true statement and I believe in that. That is why I am not asking you to donate money, but rather to make a purchase. Consider it a “perk” if you will of showing good faith in me. There are many items available as a perk including post cards from different cities either bought in store, or created from images I myself took, or you can get a photo book of concerts or landscape images that I already have, or will have after this trip! The landscape photo book will feature images from all the states I visit-there is beauty everywhere, we just have to look!

    I will be spending sometimes days or weeks on the road, and that requires power, which is going to require solar panels, and some batteries. I will also have to have food for the trip which requires a fridge…which run’s off the solar panels and batteries. Gas for the trip is also a necessity. Van’s take a good amount of gas, and do not get the best gas mileage, averaging 15-20 MPH. The reward is worth it, the ability to sit in the back of an RV under an awning shade with my camera on a tripod shooting a long exposure star trail photo 2 hours away from the civilization I just left from capturing a concert earlier that day will take away your breathe when you see the images-go look at what I have already captured!

    I have a facebook page set up that you can “like” which will allow you to track me on this amazing incredible journey, along with an instagram account, but most importantly I NEED YOUR HELP so please visit that Indiegogo link (The one) and donate. ANYTHING helps.

    Follow me on Instagram @Jsl_Photograph for tour adventures for all my other photography work To help support me on this journey around the country and to help bring beauty to everyone everywhere.

    Perks start at just 2$-even the smallest donation get’s something! NOTHING is free. Thank you all for your support, and please let me know what city/state you are in, I would love to meet you all personally or visit! You can contact me at any of the facebook sites above!

    *For 7,500$ you can join me on this trip for as long as you wish. This will cover your ride, your food and your sleeping location. Please note you will be living in a space approximately the size of two bathrooms and sleeping in a twin bed. ” -Justin S Landers
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