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    Hello Muder,
    My name is Andy Huang. Please kindly check my indiegogo project and i am pretty sure you will be interested to back up.

    Thanks Muder

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    Hiya, I'd be over the moon of you could help out with our project, a short Tomb Raider fan film

    We are filming this in just over three weeks, it's so exciting, we just need that bit more support to get this kick ass project going.


    Twitter @nossers

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    hey i just started an campaign for making hand made luxury bracelets
    i am in the early stages and i need some help
    thank you very much

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    Hello. I would be very grateful for the promotion of my project.
    Bat Challenge - New PixelArt Android Game!

    Advance - many thanks.

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    HEY MUDER!!! First off you are an INCREDIBLE writer!! I've seen a couple of your posts and I get the jist of that your really helping people out with their campaigns. That's love man I have also added you as a friend on facebook, your pretty cool man Now, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind checking out my Campaign on an Album I am trying to release with the help of Kickstarter & IndieGoGo, but more Kickstarter though. If if wouldn't be too much of a hassle on you, i'd love if you could surely help and support my funding by backing me and pledges, and possibly getting more pledges. Feel free to read my entire story on the page. Here ~ Thank you so much man! xD Much love
    Quote Originally Posted by MUDER View Post
    so, why not?

    I backed up 40 campaigns since last year in the name of " tout le Monde Studios".

    I`m MUDER, if you want to know more about me: [no nude photos but still some personal things]

    if I`m allowed to do this:
    under this thread, tell me more about your campaign or / and yourself, you don`t have to write an article,
    just maybe give me your link and if you want to tell me what may I do for you,

    tell me your twitter username (if you have any), your facebook address (if you have) or anything you want me to see, check, mention etc.. It`s not an offer or you don`t have to do this or anything but I would like to check personally your campaigns, build some bridges, I want you to know more about you and I want to have new friends here.. real people.. in the end it`s about people and what I`m trying to do is reaching people. more people. we can help on this. I will try to back your project up also, if you have a live project and will try to

    IN RETURN: you don`t have to do anything. Nobody has to do anything. However, if you would like to, add me as a friend on facebook:
    I don`t have many friends but I have very good friends who have many more good friends and people follow me, people believe in me, it`s not a must but as far as I know people like me (in general) and I have some trustworthy people who are already backers and always hungry about good ideas..

    if you want to mention about Under the Dark Sun (my personel project) (follow it @underthedarksun) or / and @sayheylo on Twitter, visit
    mention about it, the campaign will launch on Monday in two days.

    I WILL TRY TO RETWEET IT to our 8000 followers on sayheylo, and I`m sure the other members of our group and friends will retweet or fav your tweets, too..

    I WILL TRY TO POST about you on our facebook pages, like on or etc..

    so let`s produce some synergy. For me it doesn`t matter if you have 1 friend on facebook and you will just tell him about Coolest Clock or me or UtDS or heylo or you will do nothing, so just cooperate. I`m a person, not a company with strict deadlines or terms / conditions. I just want to produce some positive energy. I believe good work, nice results could also come in this way. At least we can know about more each other and enjoy what we do or try to do in a different angle, too..

    OR / AND, want to know more about what I`m talking about:

    This is our creative group`s website: [I don`t know what happened in my childhood with crows but you will see many crows around if you go deeper with me]

    I`m co-founder of tout le Monde Studios. In a way "owner" but you cannot say "owner" for people, right? anyway, I`m one of them..

    We are dealing with:

    [and if you want to see the twins, well, they have their audience;]

    Coolest Clock,

    and for sure Under the Dark Sun, (is my personel project)

    if you follow @underthedarksun we will auto follow you back there and also send you 1 DM automatically which contains the free PDF of issue#0 (until 12th March 2015)
    also if you want to get UtDS issue#0 free in another way you can try

    this is our main Twitter account, we use it for any purpose about our projects and crowdfunding related things for sure, too:

    we have also: and many other personal and "group" accounts like for coolest clock:
    or for Under the Dark Sun:

    we`re exclusively working with Indiegogo, we have these 3 main projects BUT we had not any active CAMPAIGN, yet, until today.. well, in fact exactly on Monday, 12th, January, in less than 41 hours, we are launching our first project on

    here`s our profile on Indiegogo also if you want to see:

    Let`s see what can we do..

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    can you help me with my project

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    My first Kickstarter Project has been approved!

    Beard Lab - Beard Oils, Moustache Wax and other male grooming products and advice.

    UK based company. Set up project to help pay and support my search for better bottles and various quality oils for facial hair grooming.
    Had great support and business so far and now looking to be better.

    Any help would be awesome!

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    I would like some assistance with my project as well:

    My twitter is @Engs_Sky_Photos

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    We could use help with our kickstarter campaign.

    Our campaign is to create tunsten rings and pendants with genuine shattered gemstones inset, with a focus on zodiac symbols.
    We spend a lot of time on our designs and sourcing etc assuming that the kickstarter campaign would take care of itself. ( i guess i am not the only one)
    We also had to rework our images, which showed the rings in photorealistic detail because of kickstarters policy on rendered images.
    It is likely that this is reducing interest in the campaign.
    We have the detailed ones on our website. I'm not sure about the rules for linking, so i won't link to it here, but anyone interested can see it in my kickstarter bio.

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    Hi, I was part of this board game design and production and we're so close to reaching our goal if you could help! Thank you!

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